Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 361

Chapter 361: The Glorious Years 3 4
Chapter 361: The Glorious Years (3 + 4)
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As the kiss landed on her face, Song Qingchun felt a part of her hollowed out. She wanted more to fill the void that had opened up within her, but she didn't know what could possibly do that. Her eyes slowly closed, and her hands slowly climbed up to his shoulders. She herself didn't realize that her clumsy lips had started to respond to his kisses.

He stopped moving as if sensing her reciprocation before dominating her lips more authoritatively. The tension in the room slowly rose, and their breathing came harder as their body temperature rose.

Both of them wished to gain more from each other. His tongue sought hers as he pulled the comforter that separated their bodies out and tossed it from the bed.

There were only two thin layers of pajamas separating their bodies, so they could feel the heat radiating from each other's bodies clearly. Lost in the haze of seduction and passion, he rolled over with great force, and with no hesitation, he pressed the girl heavily under his looming body.

His lips travelled down from her lips to her slender neck. His breathing came fast as heavy as his fingers peeled the buttons on both his and her clothes away with brute force and desperation.

The contact between bare skins created a spark that caused his whole body to shiver. Then, like a beast unleashed, he bit hungrily on her skin and flesh.

The pain he left on her body sent surges of electricity through her, causing her body to vibrate uncontrollably. She felt like her limit was being breached, and she wanted to escape, but she couldn't summon any energy even if she tried. In the end, she grabbed his shoulders tightly like that was her saving grace.

When she felt his powerful hands travel down her waist, her legs closed instinctively, and her grasp on his shoulders tightened, causing her finger to pierce into his muscular flesh.

She could feel his fingers working their way through her panties. She couldn't tell whether it was fear or shyness that caused the voice that left her lips to be as small as a mosquito's. "Su Zhinian"

In that moment, the call of his name sounded like a woman's moaning, filled with seduction and challenge, but it made Su Zhinian freeze instantly.

Everything was too real; the tender touch under his fingertips, the electricity charging through his body, and the velvety sound of her voice; this didn't seem like a dream.

Su Zhinian wished desperately to finish this wonderful dream, but he was afraid, afraid that this was not a dream. He had inflicted a grievous wound on her once; he couldn't do that to her again.

Su Zhinian forcibly pulled his rationality back, suppressed the expanding desire in his mind, and slowly raised his head to look at her.

Her eyes were closed, and her two rows of eyelashes were fluttering crazily like the flaps of a butterfly's wings. Her long hair was spread out over his bed and some stuck to her arm, pasted there by their sweat.

Her upper body was almost naked, and her pajamas he had torn open covered her body modestly. There were traces of red wounds of varying degrees left on her neck and chest.

His sudden pause made her brows crease involuntarily. She waited for a moment, and when the man still showed no sign of a response, she couldn't help herself but open her eyes slowly. They spoke of confusion.

She stared at him, lost, as the reality of the situation gradually dawned on her. Her face immediately flushed red, and her eyes that had been staring at him lowered.

She was close to doing that thing with him. The images of the things they did a moment ago filtered into her mind following that thought. The temperature of her face burned even higher, and she subconsciously wanted to grab something to shield her face from view. As she tried to move her hands, she realized they were still attached to his shoulders. She shivered violently before retracting her arms and grabbed at the mattress a bit awkwardly.

This is his bedroom, and I am lying in his bed in the middle of the night Will he get the wrong idea?

"You were having a nightmare, and I came over to look," Song Qingchun explained without turning to look at Su Zhinian. However, the rest of the explanation got stuck in her throat after a few flimsy words.

Su Zhinian didn't answer, and the room was quiet; the sexual tension from before still lingering.

Song Qingchun was still pressed under his body. She could feel his gaze on her face, and she bit her lips from anxiousness.

Her shyness, awkwardness, and the traces he left on her body made Su Zhinian's turn redder. The desire in his body burned brighter, and his arms that was holding him up gripping the mattress tighter. He closed his eyes, and his Adam's apple moved up and down several times before he forced himself from her and rolled off the bed.

He bent over to pick up the comforter from the floor and tossed it over to her. Song Qingchun only then realized how exposed she was, and she snuggled into the comforter.

He stood beside the bed and glanced at the shape under the comforter once before turning away speedily and dashing toward the bathroom. His gait was so fast and forceful that it felt like he wouldn't be able to pull him away if he didn't leave now.

It was not until Song Qingchun heard the sound of running water from the bathroom that she dared to poke her head out from underneath the comforter. She didn't dare stay for long in Su Zhinian's bedroom. She tossed the comforter away and climbed out of bed.

Her pajamas were so ruined that they could barely cover her body. She eventually returned to grab the comforter and wrap it around her body in a hurry before fleeing his bedroom.

Song Qingchun leaned against the back of her bedroom door with her hand pressed over her chest. She stood in that posture for a long time before she could calm down.

With a weakened pair of legs, she walked to her closet to find a fresh pair of pajamas. She put them on and sat on her bed, hugging Su Zhinian's comforter.

The scent of his body travelled into her nostril as she breathed, and his body temperature still lingered on her body. Her heart that had calmed earlier started racing again, and her blood boiled with something akin to a desire. It made her grip the comforter tightly, and as she did so, the image of them entangled within each other cropped up in her mind.

The image felt so authentic that Song Qingchun could hear the sounds of their mixed breathing. Her face burned as if she had fever. As she shook her head to toss the memory out of her mind, she heard a rhythmic knocking on her door, and Su Zhinian's clear and mellifluous voice drifted in.