Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 362

Chapter 362: The Glorious Years 5
Chapter 362: The Glorious Years (5)
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Song Qingchun jumped from shock. Just as she was wondering whether she should answer Su Zhinian or not, he asked, "Are you asleep?"

She knew this was the man giving her a way out. If she still didn't have the courage to face him after the thing that had happened, she could just pretend to be asleep.

Song Qingchun thus decided to sit there in silence and not respond.

The man outside the door was quiet for about half a minute before he began again. "I know you're still awake."

As he said so, Song Qingchun heard the door click open. Su Zhinian then walked in with a calm and measured gait.

He was wearing a white, cotton t-shirt and pants. His face had returned to his usual frigid aloofness so quickly that Song Qingchun had to wonder if the incident earlier had just been a mirage in her mind.

Song Qingchun's breath caught in her throat as Su Zhinian walked closer. With her head lowered, she toyed with the comforter brought from his room because she was unable to look him in the eye.

In contrast to her, the man was much more collected. He stood before her, staring at the top of her head for a while before walking to her desk to pull her chair over and sat down on her right-hand side.

Why is he sitting down? Is it to discuss the thing that happened earlier?

Before the thought could settle in her mind, Su Zhinian's cold voice began again. "Just now"

As if having difficulty continuing, he paused after merely saying two words. After some time, he finally added, "That thing, I'm really sorry, that was my mistake."

"It's" Song Qingchun raised her head instinctually to look at him.

She wanted to say that it was okay, but the moment the first word escaped her lips, she shut her mouth with remorse; she wanted right there and then to bite her tongue off.

He was the man, and she was the woman. Furthermore, it was him who initiated the whole thing. Even though she didn't struggle that greatly, it was she who had been taken advantage of. If she accepted his apology so easily, wouldn't it seem like she was too much of a slut, a woman with no morals?

Song Qingchun pulled her eyes away from Su Zhinian's face in a hurry and lowered her head once more.

The room became exceptionally quiet, and this quietness pressed down hard on Song Qingchun. Her fingers that gripped his comforter were incredibly restless.

The situation in the room became increasingly awkward, such that she felt difficulty breathing. It was when she felt she was going to faint from lack of breathing that he spoke again. "Did I wake you up?"

Song Qingchun knew Su Zhinian was talking about his sleep-talking. She shook her head and said, "Nah."

She lowered her head to think about it and added softly, "I was still awake."

Su Zhinian glanced at the clock on the wall; it was already 4 am. This meant that it had been around 3 am when he was mumbling in his sleep. He frowned and said without thinking, "Why were you up so late?"

"I" It was because she was bothered by the deadline of their contract that she was unable to fall asleep. She pursed her lips and lied. "I was caught up in my dramas."

When he returned from the study to his bedroom, there had been no sound from her bedroom, so she had definitely not been watching her dramas. However, he didn't expose her lie; he merely nodded silently.