Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 363

Chapter 363: The Glorious Years 6
Chapter 363: The Glorious Years (6)
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Silence returned to the room.

Song Qingchun shifted around consciously to smooth over the awkwardness. Suddenly, she asked to salvage the atmosphere, "You dreamed about the girl that you love again?"

Su Zhinian nodded once more.

Song Qingchun was reminded of the night they shared down at the hotel in the mountains. He had similarly been yelling for "Tingting" in his dream. She couldn't stem her interest and continued to ask, "Do you call for her name like this whenever you dream about her?"

After the question left her lips, Song Qingchun realized the last time she asked about this "Tingting", it was out of curiosity.

But it was different today. It was not curiosity that made her ask that question, but she was reminded of the presents clogging the drawer at his office, and the one sentence his secretary, Miss Cheng Qingchong told her. She was my then, is my now, and will be my forever.

He is so fatally loyal to this Tingting

It was her initial intention to lighten the mood in the room, but it had achieved the opposite effect. Song Qingchun felt a damp and heavy feeling clogging her heart.

She was planning to ask What kind of dream would cause you so much pain? after he replied, but now, after he did reply affirmatively, her interest in his story greatly dissipated.

It was she who had brought the conversation to Tingting, but her interest was lost. In fact, she realized, she was afraid, afraid to hear anything more about this Tingting from his lips.

Therefore, after a moment of contemplation, she searched for a reason to chase him out of her room. "I need to wake up in a few hours to get to work."

Song Qingchun then lowered her head and waited. However, the hint seemed to fly over Su Zhinian's head because he remained unmoved. Finally, Song Qingchun raised her eyes to stealthily glance at him.

The man was staring quietly and with absolute focus at her hands like he had something important on his mind. She followed his gaze and realized her fingers had been twiddling his comforter.

So, this means he wants the comforter back?

Song Qingchun immediately released her grip on it and helped him smooth out the patches that she had wrinkled. She then passed it to him and explained softly, "I'm sorry, I needed something to cover the body, and this was the closest thing."

Su Zhinian didn't move to accept it.

Song Qingchun bit her lips and remembered Su Zhinian's obsession with cleanliness. I've used the comforter, so he probably wants a fresh one. According to the contract, I'm supposed to be responsible for his living arrangements. Does this mean he's waiting for me to prepare for him a fresh comforter?

Song Qingchun then placed the comforter in her hands on her bed and said, "I've used this already, so I'd better find you another one."

Then, Song Qingchun walked out of her bedroom and into Su Zhinian's bedroom. When she returned from changing his comforter, Su Zhinian was still in the same position as when she left, seated quietly in the chair.

She didn't walk into the room but stood at the door and reminded him, "I've changed the quilt for you."

Su Zhinian sat in the chair quietly, staring out the darkness of the night outside the window, showing no sign that he was going to leave any time soon.

Song Qingchun waited for a while. Noticing his lack of response, she assumed the man didn't hear her, so she repeated, "I've changed the quilt for you, so you can go rest now."