Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 367

Chapter 367: The Glorious Years 10
Chapter 367: The Glorious Years (10)
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Su Zhinian started the car engine, but the car didn't move.

Song Qingchun thought it was because he was waiting for her to finish the cotton candy. However, when she finished both sticks of cotton candy, he still didn't seem like he was going to start driving any time soon.

Song Qingchun turned to look at him in confusion several times, and in the end, she couldn't help but ask, "Aren't we going?"

He didn't answer, but his hand did reach for the handbrake. However, he immediately retracted his hand as his finger touched it, and he placed it back on the steering wheel. He stared ahead at the darkened road and remained in a state of silence.

Just as Song Qingchun was about to ask him again, Su Zhinian, who had been quiet all this while, suddenly said, "Qingchun."

"Hmm?" The words changed in Song Qingchun's mouth as she responded to his call. She then raised her head to look at him.

The man reverted to silence as his gaze was glued to a point right in front of him. It was as if he was weighing how to proceed in his mind.

Song Qingchun didn't say anything to rush him and waited patiently. However, a layer of anxiety started to crawl all over her heart. The cramped space was so quiet that she could hear the sound of the heater blowing out hot air.

Five minutes later, Su Zhinian finally began again and called her name for the third time. "Qingchun."

However, this time, it didn't precede a prolonged silence; he continued smoothly. "Song Empire is now back on its track. Its profit margin for this month will probably be twice the profit margin for the past year."

So, he wants to talk about Song Empire. Song Qingchun pursed her lips and broke into a smile. "Oh yes, my sister-in-law has told me about that already. She even mentioned how impressed she was."

Su Zhinian nodded and continued. "For the past few months, Song Empire has made some tactical business deals, some for as long as five years, most three years, and a small amount for only one year. When the cooperative contracts reach their expiry, for those with five-year contracts, you have to extend the cooperation no matter what, even if you have to sacrifice some profits. Those with three-year contracts have some room for negotiation while those with only one-year contracts, you have to cut them off no matter how lucrative their offer may be."

How could she have forgotten their contract was ending soon? In a few weeks' time, he wouldn't be Song Empire's CEO anymore, so he was giving her advice on the future direction of Song Empire.

Song Qingchun's mood dampened as she moved her eyes away from his face and lowered it. She eventually answered, "I understand."

"Zheng Hao is a capable man; he has the necessary leadership skills to take over as the CEO." Su Zhinian paused and turned his head away from Song Qingchun before continuing. "Of course, these are merely my personal recommendation."

Song Qingchun repeated, with her head still lowered, "I understand."

Su Zhinian stared closely at her reflection in the rear-view mirror and didn't add anything else.

Actually, he had many things he wanted to tell her, but the only thing he could bring himself to discuss with her were detached topics like those revolving around Song Empire.

The words that he really wanted to say, the words that were laced with his love and emotions, always halted before his lips and manifested as his actions.