Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 369

Chapter 369: Good Night I Love You 2
Chapter 369: Good Night, I Love You (2)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Remember to cultivate the habit of bringing an umbrella whenever you go out, or you'll return soaked every time"

He had never been a person of many words, and he had even surprised himself with the number of reminders he wanted to give her. It was then he realized how much he actually worried about her.

She was not dumb, in fact, she was much more independent than most girls her age, but he couldn't stop himself from worrying about her.

As Su Zhinian rattled off his kind reminders, his voice started to shake. With his eyes red with tears, he snuggled deeper into her embrace. Then, he stood there quietly before pulling her slowly out of his hug.

He studied her face carefully before raising his fair hand to touch her. With endless desire, love, and care, his fingers touched every inch of her face carefully and slowly.

His eyes that looked at her didn't blink, as if he was trying to imprint her face into his mind. His fingertip eventually rested on her lips, and his gently-glowing eyes grimaced with absolute pain.

He wished desperately to be there for her forever, even if she didn't know that it was him.

His lips curved into a grievous smile, and a moment later, he pulled his fingers away from her face quickly and forcefully.

Her lashes flickered into consciousness as the control he had on her disappeared.

She titled her head and finished the "hmm" that she had started to vocalize before he took control of her consciousness.

The usual aloofness appeared back in Su Zhinian's eyes. He looked at her and said flatly, "Good night."

He merely wanted to say good night? Song Qingchun's brows creased with confusion and responded as the situation demanded. "Good night to you too."

Looking at her smiling face, his lips couldn't help but twitch with good humor. He added, "Your work starts at 9 am, better go catch some sleep while you can."

"Okay." Song Qingchun nodded and replied, "You too."

Su Zhinian nodded silently. Song Qingchun turned and prepared to run into the house when she suddenly remembered something and turned around to ask, "There is an event at Song Empire this afternoon, are you going?"

"I probably won't be able to make it; I have something else to do."

She wanted to fetch a ride from him if he was going. Song Qingchun sighed with regret and pointed at the front door saying, "Then, I shall go in first."

Su Zhinian nodded and stood where he was watching her disappear into the house. As the sound of her steps running up the stairs drifted into his ears, he whispered, "Tingting, good night."

His good night was beyond a simple salutation; it encapsulated his dream, hope, desire, love, and most of all, an apologetic regret, a regret that he wouldn't be able to give her more good night's in the future and an apology that he wouldn't be able to stay by her side forever.

When Song Qingchun returned to her bedroom and shrugged off her coat, she felt moisture under her fingertips when she accidentally brushed up against the woolly collar of her jacket.

It felt like some sort of liquid was stuck to it.

This is weird Was the mist that heavy this morning?

Song Qingchun frowned as her fingers touched the damp spot. For some reason, her heart started to ache.