Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 37

Chapter 37: How We Used To Be 7
Chapter 37: How We Used to Be (7)
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At the time, Song Cheng had left the country, and Qin Yinan had moved south to attend university. The only individual around her age remaining at home was Su Zhinian. Therefore, Song Qingchun, who had already moved past the slight, started to approach Su Zhinian to have conversations.

Regardless, she realized Su Zhinian was really not much of a conversationalist. He would often reply to her once in exchange for her ten long sentences, and it would often be a short grunt of acknowledgement.

Alas, this did not go on for long, and Song Qingchun's impression of Su Zhinian once more deteriorated.

Following the advent of fall, it was soon Qin Yinan's birthday. For Song Qingchun, the most important day of the year was none other than Qin Yinan's birthday. She would always prepare his birthday present for him at least one month in advance.

Song Qingchun would normally drag Song Cheng with her when she went shopping for Qin Yinan's gift. However, Song Cheng was not in Beijing and Song Qingchun desperately needed a male perspective, so she had no choice but to settle for Su Zhinian.

Honestly, Song Qingchun did not expect that Su Zhinian would agree to accompany her. She asked merely in the spirit of having nothing to lose. Who would have thought that the normally aloof young man would nod and agree?

The initial atmosphere could have been considered nice. To thank Su Zhinian for his help, Song Qingchun even bought him a glass of milk tea. As the day darkened and Song Qingchun was feeling tired from shopping, Su Zhinian even offered to help carry her bag.

Song Qingchun was never an indecisive person, but since she cared about Qin Yinan, she was extra careful when she selected the present. Whenever she picked up one thing, she would turn to ask Su Zhinian's opinion. Initially, the young man would say, "It's not bad." in his usual aloof tone, but later on, he would simply nod perfunctorily or grumble impatiently.

Until now, Song Qingchun had no idea what she had done to ruffle Su Zhinian's feathers. She was happily picking out presents for Qin Yinan, but when she asked for his help to try on a piece of watch for her, the young man suddenly flipped out and flung her hands that were reaching out toward him heavily away. Then, he stormed off without saying a word.

He did not even return her bag. She had no money or phone on her. She searched all over her clothes and could only collect two dollars that were not even enough for a subway ride home much less a cab. In the end, she had no choice but to walk home.

The mall was about ten kilometers from her home. She left when it was daylight, but she still had not reached home when it turned dark. She had a new pair of shoes on, and they were one size too small for her feet. Therefore, they chafed her feet so badly.

She had never been exposed to such punishment since she was young. It reached a point where her eyes were red with tears. She walked for a total of seven hours, reaching home when it was already ten pm.

She returned to her room, and when she removed her shoes, she saw that her feet were blistered, and certain places were even wet with blood.

She cursed Su Zhinian while she used the cotton to sterilize her feet. Meanwhile, her stomach was grumbling from hunger.

At the time, she felt like she embodied misfortune, and it was all thanks to Su Zhinian. Therefore, her hatred toward Su Zhinian deepened, and she swore internally to ignore that man for as long as she had a breath in her.

This time, Song Qingchun really went the extra mile to hang on to her grudge. She did not say one sentence to Su Zhinian for the whole month, even though they were staying under the same roof.