Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 370

Chapter 370: Good Night I Love You 3
Chapter 370: Good Night, I Love You (3)
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Even though the pain only lasted for a moment, it was intense enough to knock the breath out of her.

Did she imagine it? Or had something happened earlier? But how come she had no recollection of it?

Su Zhinian didn't lie to Song Qingchun. He was really preoccupied and thus unable to attend the event at Song Empire.

However, this was not something on his schedule; it was something that he had suddenly decided to do when he sent Song Qingchun home that morning.

Su Zhinian didn't walk into the house but walked to the nearby breakfast restaurant to buy some buns and porridge.

He didn't have any appetite, so he only bought her portion. Worried that she would miss it, he left a note about it on the fridge door.

He took a shower, changed into a new suit, stood before the mirror to knot on his tie before leaving his bedroom.

Before going downstairs, he took a detour to her room. He stood about ten minutes beside the sleeping beauty before leaving the house and drove to his company.

It took him about two hours to finish dealing with the work that had piled up over the week. Then he called the top managers of the company for a meeting that lasted for three hours. When it was over, it was already 1 pm.

Cheng Qingchong, who was hugging a stack of document, asked on their way back to his office, "CEO Su, what do want to have for lunch today? The company's canteen provides the menu of"

Before she could finish, Su Zhinian interrupted her by saying, "You make the choice."

Then, he pushed the door open and walked into his room. For the sake of security, Cheng Qingchong chose the food that Su Zhinian normally had for lunch when he was at the company.

After Su Zhinian finished his lunch, he called Cheng Qingchong to clear the utensils away. Before she left, he added, "I have to leave for a few hours. Anything important, just leave it on my table; I'll come back to deal with it all at night."

"Yes, CEO Su."

After Cheng Qingchong left, Su Zhinian leaned against the chair for about ten minutes before he stood up, grabbed his jacket and car keys, and took the elevator to the underground parking lot.

Su Zhinian drove for about an hour before he reached the police station. He parked and made the necessary registration. Then, a young police officer arrived to lead him to a room deep inside the station.

"Mr. Su, the person that you want to meet is inside."

Su Zhinian nodded as he pushed open the door and walked in.

This was a room to hold convicts. There was barely any light in it, and the lack of cleaning gave the place a rank smell.

The deliveryman who made an attempt on Song Qingchun's life at TW Station was cuffed and sitting in the chair.

He had been there for only twenty days, but he looked so much thinner than before. His beard had grown, adding more age to his face, but the bruises inflicted still hadn't healed.

Su Zhinian glanced at the chair opposite the deliveryman. He frowned at its dirtiness. He didn't sit down but strode to stand before the convict. Su Zhinian stopped when his leg was brushing against the deliveryman's knee.

He glared down at the young man and asked directly, "You are Xia Ji's loyal fan?"

The deliveryman probably still remembered the punishment Su Zhinian delivered on him and was afraid he might suffer yet another physical assault, so he blurted out the answer in a hurry when he heard the question.

"Yes, yes, I am."