Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 371

Chapter 371: Good Night I Love You 4
Chapter 371: Good Night, I Love You (4)
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Su Zhinian did not rush to ask the second question but used his power to determine whether the deliveryman was lying or not. When he was sure he wasn't lying, he continued to ask, "You wanted to kill Song Qingchun because she exposed the fact that Xia Ji is a drug addict?"

The young man nodded. "Yes."

"Song Qingchun was pushed off a cruise on the night of New Year Eve, that was you too?"

This time the young man visibly hesitated before answering, "Yes, I did that, too."

Su Zhinian read the uncertainty in the deliveryman's heart. Is he lying?

Su Zhinian frowned slightly, and his expression turned severe. He glared right at the deliveryman and repeated his question. "Are you really the one who did it?"

Even though the tone employed by Su Zhinian was similar to the one he had used before, the drop in his tone when he reached the end of his question put a great pressure on the young man. His eyes started to dart about, and he refused to meet Su Zhinian's gaze.

Even though he didn't say anything, Su Zhinian still managed to read the true thoughts in his mind. Why would he ask that question twice? Has he caught on to the fact that I wasn't the one responsible for the incident at North Sea Garden?

Su Zhinian's eyes were burning with malice. He is indeed lying to me

He uttered in a chilling and affirmative tone, "I know it was not you who was responsible for the incident on the cruise and the other incidents before it. So why would you admit to those sins? Tell me honestly, who asked you to do all this?"

Other than the first phrase, the rest was all Su Zhinian's extrapolation. Su Zhinian knew he was not going to get an answer from the deliveryman's mouth, but he would be able to get it from his heart.

After Su Zhinian asked the question, he could feel the young man's heart quake with fear.

How did he know I didn't do those things and I was asked by someone to shoulder the blame? Brother Kun's plan has been exposed? No, the plan was for me to shoulder the blame, and then the rest of us will have the opening we need to go after the Song family's young lady.

Who cares? I shouldn't worry myself over it. After all Brother Kun promised that as long as I admit to all the crimes, they will transfer 1,000,000 RMB into my wife's account after the deal is done. Therefore, this is already out of my hands. Even if something happens outside, it will have nothing to do with me.

The deliveryman's train of thought reached this part, and he was about to act innocent before Su Zhinian, but then the chair he was sitting on was sent flying.

His head slammed heavily on the floor. When he recovered from the pain that jumbled his mind, the room was already empty. The man who had interrogated him earlier was already gone.

This is not over yet.

Su Zhinian rushed out of the police station, ignoring the police officer who was talking to him. He jumped into his car and as he started the engine; he pulled out his phone to give Song Qingchun a call.

The call rang for a long time, and no one picked it up until it went into the answer machine. "I'm sorry, the number you're calling is currently unavailable. Please try again later."