Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 372

Chapter 372: Good Night I Love You 5
Chapter 372: Good Night, I Love You (5)
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Something grabbed Su Zhinian's heart tightly, preventing his blood from flowing through his veins. His hand on the steering wheel was shaking greatly. He stepped on the gas pedal with great force, and his car shot out of the police station. His other hand keyed in her number once more shakily and pressed the call button.

Similar to before, it rang for a long time, but there was no answer.

Su Zhinian felt his heart constrict at a rapid speed as an inexplicable fear crawled through it and sent waves of chills down his spine. He turned at a junction without looking at the traffic light and sped toward Song Qingchun's company.

Two hundred meters later, Su Zhinian was suddenly reminded of the question Song Qingchun asked him that morning, "There is an event at Song Empire this afternoon, are you going?"

It was he who had approved that event.

Su Zhinian raised his wrist, and he glanced at the watch. It was 3 pm. The event should be starting soon. Therefore, she wouldn't be at TW Station but Song Empire's event venue.

The event by Song Empire was large; the venue had been booked by Song Qingchun's sister-in-law, Fang Rou. It was at a private clubhouse on the eastern side of town; in other words, the complete opposite end from TW Station.

The next chance to turn around on the road he was currently on was at least five kilometers away.

Su Zhinian didn't hesitate and made an emergency U-turn right where he was. Su Zhinian knew he was far away from Song Qingchun's location. Even with his super-hearing, he wouldn't be able to hear her voice. However, as he sped toward the clubhouse, he kept repeating the calls and focused on his hearing. He searched for her voice, filtering through the cacophony of noises.

When he reached a roundabout, even though he still hadn't discovered Song Qingchun's voice, he did pick up a conversation about Song Empire.

The voice was far away from him, and he could barely pick up the words. "Have you successfully infiltrated Song Empire's event venue?"

It was the voice of a man, very brassy, and it had an out-of-state accent. The person seemed to be on the phone because a voice that was even smaller in volume replied instantly, "Brother Kun, we're in place already."

Brother Kun? The deliveryman at the police station mentioned this name as well. From their conversation, it sounds like they haven't started their operation. So, Song Qingchun is still safe.

Su Zhinian's heart relaxed slightly. He stepped on the gas and focused his attention on this phone conversation.

"Remember, we have to make it this time. According to the information I received, that CEO Su who has been sticking around Song family's young lady like a fly is not with her today. F*ck, he has been guarding her like he was her personal bodyguard recently, and we were unable to do anything. Now that he isn't there today, we have to make use of this perfect opportunity. Make sure nothing goes wrong, you hear me?"