Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 374

Chapter 374: Good Night I Love You 7
Chapter 374: Good Night, I Love You (7)
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They chatted for a long time; Song Qingchun even complained to Qin Yinan about the cold weather even though the spring had begun. Qin Yinan nodded along to her words and was the perfect companion.

In the middle of their conversation, someone who was walking by them called out Tang Nuan's name. Initially, Qin Yinan didn't even notice it; it was Song Qingchun who turned her face down a direction and became dazed for a few seconds. He subconsciously followed her gaze, and this was how his eyes met Tang Nuan's from across the room.

She was wearing an eggshell-white off-the-shoulder dress that accentuated her voluptuous figure. She looked perfectly dazzling.

Ever since he overheard the argument between Song Qingchun and Tang Nuan at Eldorado, Qin Yinan had never once contacted Tang Nuan. Of course, it was the same the other way round.

The two of them had drifted apart without much fuss. In fact, now that he thought about it, that was barely a week ago, but at the event, when Qin Yinan laid his eyes on that familiar face, he felt like he was looking at someone whom he hadn't met for a century.

Tang Nuan's gaze settled on him for less than three seconds before she pulled it coldly away. She turned around with haughtiness and walked away from their gaze.

The expression on Qin Yinan's face was light. It was not until he couldn't hear the click of Tang Nuan's high heels that he turned around to look at Song Qingchun. It was then that he noticed the concern, gloom, and hesitation in Song Qingchun's eyes.

Song Qingchun started to lose focus for the rest of their conversation. Several times, she interrupted Qin Yinan but had nothing to say. It was quite obvious that she had something she needed to get off her chest, and her eyes kept drifting toward Tang Nuan's direction. In the end, she couldn't muster the courage to do it, so she found herself an excuse and walked away.

Qin Yinan knew why Song Qingchun was acting this way. He also knew what the big secret that she couldn't find herself to reveal to him was. He even understood why she couldn't do it; she didn't want him to be unhappy.

Therefore, he didn't stop her and allowed her to leave. Looking at the girl who was walking away, he was struck by an epiphany. It was as if a truth that had eluded him for years had finally revealed itself.

Song Qingchun had known many things, but she never once brought them to him because she was afraid it might hurt him. Therefore, he shouldn't have bothered himself over how to face her after he knew she had once loved him.

He should have extended the same courtesy she had shown him. During the argument, she said she loved him He heard the "-ed" clearly, meaning it was in the past; since it was already in the past, what was the reason for bringing it up again?

Therefore, the best solution was to revert back to how it used to be between them, treat her as the little sister he cherished the most in the world and forgot the fact that she had loved him.

Qin Yinan, who came to a decision, sighed in relief. The smile that he had on his face when he greeted others at the event was much more earnest.

He walked toward the waiter, hoping to get a second glass of wine because he had finished the one in his hand. As he reached for one of the glasses, a hand grabbed it before he could.

Qin Yinan turned toward the person and saw Tang Nuan toss her head back and down the glass of wine in one shot without batting an eye.

If this was before, Qin Yinan would definitely have reached out to stop her.

However, this time, he merely stood there quietly and allowed Tang Nuan to finish the glass.

Tang Nuan frowned as she reached for a second glass.