Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 376

Chapter 376: Good Night I Love You 9
Chapter 376: Good Night, I Love You (9)
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She went to block his way because she heard Song Qingchun's name mentioned in the phone call.

She didn't want him to interact with Song Qingchun, and that was why she had reached out to grab him. However, she didn't expect that the man who didn't even dare raise his voice at her would shove her away so roughly and forcefully due to Song Qingchun!

The more she thought about it, the more unbalanced she became. Her teeth chattered continuously from sheer anger.

The event venue was huge. Qin Yinan was catching his breath after running around the venue once, but he still hadn't seen Song Qingchun.

He didn't even take the time to quench his thirst and continued to ask the guests about Song Qingchun's location as he went around the venue a second time.

Finally, it was Song Menghwa who told him Song Qingchun had gone to use the bathroom. Qin Yinan didn't even have the time to thank Song Menghwa before he jogged toward the bathroom.

The bathroom at the clubhouse was not separated by gender and had its own individual room. Qin Yinan ignored the decorum and knocked on the doors of every room, looking for Song Qingchun.

He apologized profusely, and there was still no trace of Song Qingchun after he checked all twelve rooms.

The phone in his pocket started to ring again; it was from Su Zhinian. As he was about to answer it, his gaze caught onto a familiar looking purse left on the counter inside one of the unoccupied rooms whose door was open. The purse looked suspiciously familiar, like he had seen it somewhere before.

Qin Yinan stopped moving to rack his mind about it. He didn't answer the phone and stepped into the room.

He picked up the purse, and the more he studied it, the more familiar it became. Then, it hit him. He pulled the purse open to search for an identification. He found some ID, and as he flipped it open, Song Qingchun's smiling face looked back at him.

Qin Yinan immediately raised his head to look around the room. The room was clean and there was some water around the sink counter. This meant that Song Qingchun had probably just left this room.

Qin Yinan grabbed Song Qingchun's purse and ran outside. He stood at the door and glanced around him. The left corridor left back to the event venue, while the right corridor branched off into two smaller corridors, one leading to the back garden, another to the emergency exit.

He came from the venue and hadn't seen her along the way, so she had to have turned right.

But the back garden and emergency exit, which way did she go down?

Qin Yinan turned right, and his brain started to move. He ran to the junction between the two and stopped.

Song Song probably went to the back garden for some fresh air after feeling cooped up among the crowd. Furthermore, the bathroom is an open place. It is unlikely that any danger would come to her here. It's more likely that they would wait for her to go to some place more secluded like the back garden.

Qin Yinan analyzed everything in his mind and dashed toward the door, heading toward the back garden. However, he merely took two steps when he suddenly stopped. He turned slowly around, and his gaze settled on the space to the bottom-right corner of the emergency exit door.

He stared at it for about ten seconds before walking over to it and squatting down to pick a glittering bracelet of the floor.

He was incredibly familiar with this bracelet. He'd had it custom-made for her as her birthday present and it was sitting there on the floor.