Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Good Night I Love You 10
Chapter 377: Good Night, I Love You (10)
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The bracelet was perfectly fine, not broken in any way, meaning it hadn't accidentally fallen off her wrist.

This could only mean one thing: someone had purposely removed it and left it there, and that person was most likely Song Qingchun.

She left her purse in the bathroom and her bracelet by the door One could be due to her carelessness, but two items in a day?

Qin Yinan looked at the bracelet in his palm, and his heart started to race.

Is it really as I suspected? Song Song purposely left this bracelet here? Something bad has already happened to her, and she left this behind as an SOS signal? This means that she has gone through the emergency exit?

Qin Yinan stood up immediately and pushed the emergency exit door open. He was faced with another choice to make, upstairs or downstairs.

With the precedence of the bracelet, Qin Yinan paid special attention to the floor. He spotted something glistening on the third step of the stairs that headed down. Qin Yinan rushed forward to pick it up. It was an earring that was part of a set with the bracelet. The shine came from the diamond on it.

Qin Yinan didn't stop and jump down the stairs three steps at a time. He would poke his head out at every exit on each floor and continued to run downwards after noticing nothing out of place. It was not until the car park in the basement second floor that he found the other side of Song Qingchun's earring on the floor.

This means that Song Song was dragged to the underground car park?

Qin Yinan didn't hesitate, pulled open the emergency exit and dashed into the car park. The place was small, and most spaces were occupied.

If Song Song was truly dragged here, the next course of action for her abductors would be to shove her into their car and leave the scene immediately.

Qin Yinan's brows creased into a deep frown. He thought about it for around two seconds before going to check the few empty spots that remained. He searched every inch of the empty spaces.

The sound of his running footsteps echoed through the carpark. Qin Yinan ran from Zone A to Zone C and finally found the last piece of jewelry that completed the set he had given Song Qingchun on an empty space between an Audi and Ferrari, the diamond necklace.

This confirmed Qin Yinan's earlier suspicion, and his heart started to beat out of rhythm.

Su Zhinian said Song Song is in danger, and he also mentioned that the string of misfortunes she was involved with earlier were all done on purpose; they were all attempts on her life. Therefore, if Song Song was abducted from the clubhouse, then there is a great chance that her life is danger!

Qin Yinan felt the blood circulating through his body chilled. He grabbed the pieces of jewelry that he had picked up along the way in his hands as he dashed toward his own car. He pulled open the door, jumped into it, and shot out of the parking lot without even putting his seatbelt on.

When he reached the carpark exit, Qin Yinan slowed down and yelled at the carpark attendant, "Within these twenty minutes, how many cars from Zone C have left the building?"

The attendant answered without even needing to read the records, "Other than you, there is only a minivan that has left."