Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Thank You For Letting Me Love You 3
Chapter 380: Thank You for Letting Me Love You (3)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

A crisp sound drifted into her ears, and then she felt the touch of something cold and sharp on her neck. The man holding her hostage leaned into her ear and whispered threateningly, "If you do not want me to slice your neck, you'd better listen to me obediently."

Then, Song Qingchun saw the man drop a backpack he was carrying on the floor. He pulled Song Qingchun roughly and forced her to look at the bag as he kicked it and added with warning, "Take out the working clothes inside and put them on."

The man didn't have the patience to drag this out, so when he noticed Song Qingchun had hesitated for three seconds, he pushed the knife he had on her neck deeper and hissed, "Quick!"

Song Qingchun felt a shot of pain come from her neck, and something sticky trickled down. She was scared into motion. She bent over to take the overalls out from the backpack and put them over her dress.

As she pulled the overalls over her head, she surreptitiously slipped off the jewelry she had on and dropped them into the overalls' pocket.

After she put the overalls fully on, the man immediately urged her to start moving. Worried that he might discover the purse she'd left on the sink counter, Song Qingchun didn't struggle and followed his order obediently. The man's arm was placed intimately on her waist, but in reality, that was where the knife was held. They exited the bathroom like that, joined to each other.

Before entering the emergency exit, Song Qingchun silently took her bracelet out of the pocket and dropped it on the floor.

If she disappeared from the venue, eventually, someone would come look for her. She didn't know whether someone would notice the trail she'd left behind or not, but it was better than nothing.

Discounting the purse, she only had four pieces of jewelry to make the trails.

Song Qingchun was a nervous wreck, but she tried to calm down and think about the strategic locations that she would leave these four pieces of jewelry.

In the underground parking lot, Song Qingchun managed to drop her necklace outside a yellow Buick minivan before she was shoved into it.

The minivan's windows were all heavily tinted, so it was impossible for those from the outside to look in. When she was forced into the car, the person waiting inside immediately plastered her mouth with tape and bound both her arms behind her.

Other than herself, there were three other men inside the minivan. One of them was young, almost the same age as her. He sat in front of her.

The one who sat beside her was rotund. He was wearing a tank top, revealing two arms that were tattooed with dragons.

A middle-aged man was driving the minivan. He had a deep cut on his face.

As the minivan turned right out of the clubhouse, it sped down the highway.

The three men inside the car were quiet; they didn't share any conversation between them. The only motion was when the young man sitting in front of her answered a call. He responded succinctly, "All done."

Then he hung up.

Song Qingchun had been through many life-threatening incidents, but this was not something that one could get used it with experience. She was afraid because this was, after all, an abduction!