Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 381

Chapter 381: Thank You For Letting Me Love You 4
Chapter 381: Thank You for Letting Me Love You (4)
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She felt like her heart was going to jump out of her chest soon.

She had no idea how long the car had been going or how fast it was going. Through the window, she could only see that they were heading toward the countryside. Initially, she could see the occasional car or two on the road, but now there was nothing but trees and mountains.

The fog was heavy that day, she could barely see beyond fifty meters. The day had passed, and the road they were on had no streetlights. The headlights of the minivan were the only source of light for miles, and this didn't bode well for Song Qingchun.

Sometime later, even the road condition had gotten worse. The road started to shrink, and the tires kept bouncing over bumps and holes in the ground.

After that treacherous stretch of land, the driver with the scar on his face wanted to step on the pas pedal when a ray of light filtered through the fog. Song Qingchun shut her eyes from the bright light. The driver cursed loudly and pressed the horn multiple times. The car from the other end didn't stop and proceed to ram into the minivan. The vehicles crashed with a loud bang, and Song Qingchun was tossed around inside the car before the world slowed to a stop, and the sound of the engine went off.

There was about half a minute of silence inside the car before the man sitting closest to Song Qingchun cursed. He rolled down the window and cursed loudly, "Motherf*cker, do you know how to drive or not"

There was no answer from the other side.

"Let's just ignore him, we have something more important to attend to," the young man sitting in front of Song Qingchun said in a calm tone.

The men inside the minivan heeded his advice, and the engine was started again. The car opposite from the minivan pulled back drastically. Then, there was a long stretch where Song Qingchun heard the sound of rubber grinding on asphalt. Before the minivan could start its engine, the car rammed into it again.

The minivan's lights went off once again. The driver was cursing the house down. He tried to start the engine, but the car simply wouldn't start.

The car opposite was twisted until it had lost its original shape, but one of its headlights was still blinking. Song Qingchun felt that car looked very familiar.

She couldn't identify whose car it was. Then the car door was pushed open, and a person walked out from it.

Due to the fog and lack of light, Song Qingchun couldn't catch a good look of his face.

The person stood where he was and stared at the minivan for about thirty seconds before he retreated to the trunk of his car to retrieve something that looked like a metal pole. Then, he started to move toward the minivan.

"F*ck, what is going on?" the driver yelled before turning around to glance at Song Qingchun. "Don't tell me he's here for this little girlie?"

The fat man beside Song Qingchun turned around to glare at her and asked, "You know him?"

"Don't waste your breath. There are three of us and one him, what is there to be afraid of?" Song Qingchun realized it was the young man who made the call among this group of ruffians. He paused for a moment before turning around to look at the fat man beside Song Qingchun. "I'll go down and you."

Then, he looked at the driver while pointing at Song Qingchun. "You keep a good look on her."