Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 382

Chapter 382: Thank You For Letting Me Love You 5
Chapter 382: Thank You for Letting Me Love You (5)
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The driver glanced at Song Qingchun through the rear-view mirror and promised confidently, "Leave it to me."

The young man didn't respond but bent over to grab a wooden stick about one meter long from underneath the chair. Then he pushed open the door and got down.

The fat man beside Song Qingchun followed soon after. He pulled a dagger about ten centimeters long from his pocket and unsheathed it. He looked at it, and as if unsatisfied, he tossed the dagger back into the car and searched for a wooden stick from underneath the seat. This time, Song Qingchun got a clearer look, and the wooden stick had been sharpened at one end.

The fat man didn't close the door, so Song Qingchun could hear the conversation outside rather clearly.

It was the young man who called out first. "Who are you? You're here for the person in the car?"

"Let her go."

Song Qingchun's eyes widened to their maximum when she heard the voice.

It's Brother Yinan He found the clues I left behind and chased after me the entire way?

"Let her go? You must be kidding; do you know how much time and money we've wasted to catch her?" This time it was the fat man who answered.

"Tell me what you want, I will try my best to fulfil it. As long as you let her go, I will pretend this never happen; I won't even call the police."

Before Qin Yinan finished, the young man scoffed like he had heard the greatest joke ever. "Man, we've heard that line many times before. If you know what's good for you, I advise you turn back now before you yourself get hurt."

It was quiet for about ten seconds before Qin Yinan's gentle voice began again. "This is a blank cheque; you can put down any amount you like."

"Stop wasting my time, who knows, perhaps you've already called the cops and just stalling for them to come? Regardless of the amount of money, we will not let go of the girl because what we need is her life!" The fat man had quite a temper on him. It was obvious that he didn't wish to drag this on with Qin Yinan. He cut him off fiendishly. "If you still refuse to budge, then I don't mind digging another grave."

Before the fat man could finish, Song Qingchun suddenly heard a scream. It was followed by an angry roar from the fat man, "F*ck, how dare you kick me"

Then, there was a crazy commotion. There was shouting, fighting, cursing, and yelling. From the sound alone, Song Qingchun's heart was beating erratically.

Qin Yinan had once served in the military, so he was quite good at fighting. He wanted to incapacitate the group of kidnappers without killing them, but in the midst of combat, he realized the two men were also trained mercenaries. They were fast and furious; they didn't hold back and aimed to kill with every move.

Furthermore, Qin Yinan was outnumbered. When the wooden stick almost poked through his chest, he swung the metal pole expertly around and landed a hit on the fat man's arm. As the fat man screamed, the wooden stick in his grasp cluttered to the floor. The young man was distracted by his accomplice's scream, and Qin Yinan made use of that opening to whack him right on his head.

Song Qingchun, who couldn't see outside of the car, was beyond worried.