Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 383

Chapter 383: Thank You For Letting Me Love You 6
Chapter 383: Thank You for Letting Me Love You (6)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

While the commotion was going on, Song Qingchun tried her best to crawl toward the door that the fat man had left open.

However, she moved exceptionally slow because all her limbs were tied up. When she finally got herself to the edge of the seat, the driver's door suddenly burst open. The driver, who had been left behind in the car, jumped out and grabbed her arm roughly, pulling her out of the car. "Stop what you're doing!"

The driver dragged Song Qingchun to the front of the minivan. Song Qingchun's legs were bound, so she was unable to maintain her balance. When the driver released his grip on her, she collapsed to the floor headfirst. Before pain could register, the driver pulled her up by her hair and placed a knife on her neck, warning, "If you don't stop now, I will kill her instantly!"

When Qin Yinan saw that, the metal pole that was heading toward the fat man suddenly stopped. "Song Song!"

"Drop the weapon in your hand!" the driver threatened.

Even though Song Qingchun's mouth was taped, she looked Qin Yinan in his eyes and shook her head.

"Song Song!" Qin Yinan understood this meant that she didn't want him to toss his only weapon away. He himself knew that if he lost the metal pole, it would most likely spell the end for both of them. His grip tightened on the metal pole, and he continued to yell her name.

"Drop it!" The driver added pressure to the knife on Song Qingchun's neck. A trickle of red started to flow down her fair neck.

Qin Yinan didn't hesitate this time and released the pole from his grip. The next second, the fat man, who had been moaning in pain on the ground, grabbed the falling pole and aimed it angrily at Qin Yinan's head.

With a moan, Qin Yinan's normally kind face grimaced with pain. Half a minute later, blood started to pour openly down his face. Then, the fat man landed another powerful blow on his back. Qin Yinan wavered slightly before kneeling to the floor.

The fat man's eyes were burning from fury, probably incensed by Qin Yinan's assault on him earlier. Even though Qin Yinan had already collapsed on the floor, he didn't let up on his assault. He raised his foot and stomped right on Qin Yinan's broken body. His added weight combined with his bloodlust meant that his hits were more lethal than normal.

Qin Yinan was still recovering from the hit to his head, so he couldn't retaliate even if he wanted to. The only thing he could do was raise his hands and shield his head from the relentless assault.

With a malicious glint in his eyes, the fat man aimed a powerful kick at Qin Yinan's stomach, causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood and stomach acid.

Song Qingchun was in throes of despair, watching this. She struggled earnestly, ignoring the knife on her neck. Her tears fell like pearls, soaking the tape over her mouth. The edge of the tape started to loosen, its adhesive weakened by her tears.

She shook her faces continuously as if trying to will the situation before her away. As she did so, the tape slid from her mouth.

Song Qingchun wailed, "Brother Yinan!"

She then chomped on the driver's palm, putting all of her strength into that bite.

An intense pain shook the driver's arm, and the blade he was holding fell to the floor. As if working on instinct, his hands that were grabbing Song Qingchun's hair gathered strength, and he slammed her head right against the front of the car.

The pain radiating through her mind blotted out Song Qingchun's sight, and she almost collapsed.