Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 384

Chapter 384: Thank You For Letting Me Love You 7
Chapter 384: Thank You for Letting Me Love You (7)
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Her bite on the driver's palm loosened slightly from her wavering consciousness. However, she held on stubbornly with her last shred of persistence.

The pain on his hand inflamed the driver. He twisted Song Qingchun's hair and slammed her head once one time on the side of the car. Then, he proceeded to grind her face on it.

The second hit knocked the wind out of Song Qingchun. Her vision started to fail, and she felt something wet coming out of her nose. It flowed into her lips; it tasted like iron.

Perhaps it was due to the pain, Song Qingchun didn't release her jaw and sunk her teeth even deeper into the driver's flesh.

Her head was pulled roughly back from the surface of the car. Through what appeared to be a haze, Song Qingchun could see Qin Yinan, who had gone completely still on the floor. He lay there like a dead body, allowing the still-angry fat man to lay the punishment on him. The fat man by now was straddled over Qin Yinan, whacking his head continuously while cackling like a madman.

Fresh blood spurted out and covered the fat man's face and body.

Then, her head was slammed against the car for the third time. Before the pain even had the chance to register, Song Qingchun felt her consciousness fading. Is this the end?

She had been through so many dangers, but there was not once where it was like this, where she was put through so many suffering because someone would appear at the most opportune moment to save her, so why didn't he appear that day?

The thought was fractured in Song Qingchun's mind as the driver slammed her head one more time against the sturdy car.

This time she didn't feel anything, not even pain. Song Qingchun's teeth on the man's palm loosened because she didn't have any energy left in her anymore, not even the energy to sense pain.

The driver sucked in a deep breath as he massaged his bloody palm. Then he walked to Song Qingchun's side and mimicked his fat friend and kicked the girl's heavily in her stomach.

Song Qingchun was sent flying up into the air like a piece of paper before landing heavily on the rough surface. She felt the bones in her body crack; there was similarly no pain, but she could barely move her body anymore. It was as if she was pulled out of the situation, and from where she was perched, she could see her body shaking, probably from pain and fear.

The next second, her vision went hazy again, and she realized she was looking from the perspective of her body once more. She saw a blurry figure, who she supposed was the driver, pick up the dagger from the floor and slowly walked toward her.

He's coming to end me, so fate truly cannot be escaped? But who is behind all this? Who wants me dead so badly?

With a clarity that belied explanation, she noticed the fat man had stood up from Qin Yinan's body. He was perhaps tired and had finished his "fun". The fat man then spat on Qin Yinan's face and grabbed a wooden stick that was lying on the floor. He tossed it in his hand as if trying to test its weight before turning its pointy end toward Qin Yinan's chest. Then, like a vampire hunter who was trying to push a stake through its victim's heart, the fat man shoved the wooden stick straight at Qin Yinan.

Perhaps my time has arrived, but what has Brother Yinan done to have to die with me?

My guardian angel, where are you?

The clouded image of Su Zhinian appeared in Song Qingchun's mind. Suddenly, she wished to see his face before she died, she wished to see him one last time or to hear even his voice

Song Qingchun's thread of consciousness had reached its limits. The last image she saw before she went completely under was the dagger in the driver's hands that came plunging at her heart.