Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Thank You For Letting Me Love You 9
Chapter 386: Thank You for Letting Me Love You (9)
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Fifteen minutes later, Qin Yinan told him on the phone that he had seen the minivan. When he heard this news, he ordered Qin Yinan immediately, "Run your car into it!"

Qin Yinan was startled by his order. "What?"

"The road ahead is a mountain raise; it's very narrow. If we allow them to go on it, it'll be very hard to catch up to them, so we have to stop them at where you are!" Su Zhinian explained and ordered once more with force, "Step on the gas and ram your car into theirs!"

After a resounding boom, Su Zhinian could feel the car shaking from Qin Yinan's side.

"Are you okay?" Su Zhinian asked.

Half a minute later, Qin Yinan's reply came, "I'm fine."

Then Su Zhinian heard the sound of car engine starting through the phone; the engine of Qin Yinan's car hadn't died, so this meant that it was the minivan that was holding Song Qingchun. Su Zhinian ordered with vehemence, "Quickly back up and knock into them again! Crush their engine!"

After he hung up the phone, Su Zhinian paid full attention to the road. He didn't know how many times his feet had pressed on the gas pedal, which had reached its maximum, before he could finally hear Qin Yinan's voice.

Due to the long distance, he could only hear snippets of it. After ten minutes of driving, a wicked sounding voice appeared beside his ears. "If you don't stop now, I will kill her instantly!"

"Song Song!"

This is Qin Yinan's voice. Someone is threatening Song Qingchun's life?

Su Zhinian's heart started to race. His car was already travelling at its maximum speed, but he still felt it was going way too slowly. As he got closer, the situation on Song Qingchun's side got clearer.

There was the sound of metal hitting against flesh followed by the collapsing sound of something heavy. Then, it was the sound of beating and cursing, moaning and screaming. In the midst of it all, there was the sound of Qin Yinan's subdued groans and what sounded like Song Qingchun's incoherent and stifled screams and crying.

Su Zhinian's hands that gripped the steering wheel were white from force. Even though he wasn't there personally, he could imagine how violent and brutal it must be.

There was a sound of someone coughing, Song Qingchun's scream of "Brother Yinan" muffled by her tears, and then a man's scream of pain, which was immediately followed by, "F*ck, you little bitch, let me go!"

After that, Su Zhinian heard a loud bang. Before he realized what it was, Song Qingchun's groan of pain drifted into his ears. The pain was on her body, but it tore up his heart. At that moment, he felt like an invisible hand was gripping his heart tightly, causing such intense pain that he could barely breathe.

His face immediately blanched.

His eyes darkened like a brewing storm when the second bang filtered into his ears. His face was as white as a piece of paper.

His heart trembled when he heard something heavy like a body landing with a thud on the floor. It was then that he finally saw a ray of light shooting through the darkened highway. The light was coming from in front of him.

As he got closer, Su Zhinian realized it was a single headlight.

He immediately switched on his high beam. Utilizing the bright ray as well as his superhuman sight, Su Zhinian had a clear view of the overall situation.