Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 387

Chapter 387: Thank You For Letting Me Love You 10
Chapter 387: Thank You for Letting Me Love You (10)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

A man was plunging a dagger toward Song Qingchun's heart. Another man was in the middle of sinking a sharpened wooden stake into Qin Yinan's chest.

He could use his superpower to take control of one of them, but if he saved Song Qingchun, Qin Yinan would be a goner.

He didn't have the time to make the decision because his car had already reached the yellow minivan.

He slammed on the brake, and before even the car slowed to a stop, he pushed open the door and jumped out of it. He dashed without hesitation at the fat man who was closest to him. He fired at him like a loose cannon.

At the same time, the driver who was holding the dagger suddenly stopped moving. Similarly, Su Zhinian seemed to have entered still frame because he too had stopped moving.

The next second, the driver with the dagger suddenly twisted his wrist around and stabbed himself angrily in his chest.

Following the blood-curdling scream, Su Zhinian launched his body into the air and kicked at the fat man's head, knocking his heavy body about one meter away.

"F*ck, who kicked me" The fat man landed on his head, and it took part of his consciousness away. The curse word was halfway out of his mouth, when he felt something pressed down hard on his chest, like someone was stepping on him.

The fat man reared his head around, trying to see who it was, when he felt big droplets of liquid falling on his face. It smelled very much like iron.

He raised his hand to swipe the liquid that had fallen near his eyes away before he managed to catch a closer look of the man who was looking down on him. Due to his blurry vision and the fact that the man was standing facing away from the light, the fat man was unable to catch his identity. However, he managed to see how the wound on his chest was rapidly dying his shirt red.

The man was taking in deep breaths, and he swayed unstably like he would collapse at any moment; even so, the presence that radiated off him was spine-chilling.

The figure dripping in blood was like a menace looking at the fat man directly from his worst nightmare. He uttered in a shaking voice, "Who are"

Before he could get the rest of his question out, the man raised the leg that was pressed on his chest and kicked right on his head, knocking him out completely.

The originally chaotic scene suddenly turned incredibly quiet. A cold breeze blew, and the smell of blood was heavy in the air.

With a single hand on the floor, Su Zhinian supported himself in a kneeling position. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. With a shaking body, he forced himself to stand up.

He gritted his teeth and shuffled toward Song Qingchun with faltering steps. His every step looked like it might be his last.

When he was one meter away from her, he finally collapsed.

He glanced at the driver to make sure that he was really unconscious before he started crawling toward Song Qingchun and reached out his bloody hand to caress her face.