Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 389

Chapter 389: Thank You For Letting Me Love You 12
Chapter 389: Thank You for Letting Me Love You (12)
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After he got drunk and forced himself on her, he should have apologized, or anything was better than what he did. When she pointed her finger at him and chased him out of her house, he should have begged for her forgiveness, starting by saying sincerely, "I am sorry."

When she appeared at his house five years later, he shouldn't have forced her out because he was afraid of facing his own emotions. Instead, he should have said, "Tingting, I've missed you so much over these years."

When she came to ask him to take over Song Empire, he shouldn't have made her jump through so many hoops and come up with some ridiculous contract. He should have been open about it and said, "Even if you didn't come to me, I would have helped you."

When she asked whether he was the person she was looking for, he shouldn't have said those hurtful words. He should have come clean and said, "Yes, I've always been by your side."

When he heard her desire was for him to be good to her forever, he shouldn't have escaped because of fear. He should look into her eyes and promised, "Tingting, as long as you wish it, I will be good for you forever."

He should, he shouldn't, he shouldn't, he should

There were many 'he should's within their relationship, but he had always chosen the he shouldn't.

His secrecy and cruelty were born out of a desire to protect her, just like now, his last kindness was to save her the knowledge and guilt that he had died for her

Su Zhinian slowly closed his eyes. Suddenly, he heard Cheng Qingchong's voice, and he was reminded of the latest choice between the he should and he shouldn't that he had just made. He believed this was perhaps the last choice he would make in his life, and in the end, he still chose to do something he shouldn't.

The sound of the car engine neared. Su Zhinian opened his blurry eyes, and he could see the approaching headlights.

He tried desperately to move closer to her lips, to kiss her. He mustered every ounce of energy he had remained within him, but as he raised his head, it fell greatly against the cold asphalt once more.

I'm sorry, I can't even give you one last goodbye kiss.

I'm sorry, I can't continue to love you anymore, even if I desperately wanted to.

I'm sorry I'm really really sorry.

But do you know?

Tingting, I'm glad because you've given me the opportunity to love you. So, thank you, but this is where the road ends.

Following the sound of screeching tires, the door of the ambulance burst open. Cheng Qingchong was the first to jump out. She ran to Su Zhinian, and before she could get a word out, her tears had started to fall like an open faucet. "CEO Su, CEO Su, hang in there!"

With tears streaming down her face, she turned to yell frantically, "Doctor Xia, where is Doctor Xia?"

"Cheng Qingchong" Su Zhinian suddenly raised his hand to pull on her finger. Cheng Qingchong immediately turned back around to look at Su Zhinian.

The man's lips moved, and his voice came slowly. Cheng Qingchong leaned in closer and closer until she could hear his weak voice ask, "Do you still remember the three orders I gave you on the car?"

Cheng Qingchong nodded as her tears fell more freely.

"Get Doctor Xia to give me a shot to stop the blood flow. Apply a quick bandage and take me away now in my car. The police will arrive soon." After that, Su Zhinian tossed Cheng Qingchong an appreciative gaze.

Cheng Qingchong's tears fell like waterworks. She really didn't want to abide by his orders. However, even though she had learned many things following Su Zhinian all these years, the only thing she hadn't learned was to say no to him.

Cheng Qingchong supported Su Zhinian into his car. Cheng Qingchong started the engine, backed out, and left while tears continued to flow out of her eyes.

As the car left the scene, Su Zhinian felt the energy in his body slowly draining. His eyelids started to droop, and the memory of better days started to materialize before his eyes. Beside a crowded roadside, he could see her holding two lollipops in her hands and her juvenile voice saying, "Big Brother says you're a bad man, so you have to be a bad man."