Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 391

Chapter 391: The Contract Ends 2
Chapter 391: The Contract Ends (2)
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She remembered the dagger that had been heading for her chest.

Song Qingchun's hand involuntarily reached for her left chest. The sensation of pain that she expected didn't come. Her hands paused for a few moments before she added the pressure on her palm. She pressed on her chest several times before she could be convinced that she really wasn't injured there.

The dagger didn't make contact with her body this meant that at the very last minute, someone had saved her.

Even though her consciousness was flagging then, she could still feel the intention to kill from the driver, so he couldn't have stopped at the last minute.

At the time, other than the three abductors and her, there was only Brother Yinan but Brother Yinan was already unconscious, assaulted by the fat man.

So, it was not Brother Yinan who saved me Song Qingchun's train of thought halted for two seconds, and her eyes shone as if she just remembered something. Could it be my guardian angel, the person who has been watching over me?

Then Song Qingchun's eyes burned with conviction. Yes, it must be him, because only he would appear at the moment I need help the most! If only I'd held on and didn't faint so soon, I would have been able to confirm the identity of this guardian angel with my own two eyes!

Song Qingchun bit her lips with some resentment. As she lowered her head, she was suddenly reminded of Qin Yinan. She turned around and asked Song Menghwa and Fang Rou, "Where's Brother Yinan?"

She had seen with her own two eyes how aggressive and relentless that fat man was In fact, she remembered that the sharpened stick was raised above the fat man's head as he plunged it right at Qin Yinan's chest right before she fainted.

In that high-tension situation, would the person who saved her also save Brother Yinan?

Song Qingchun didn't dare continue her train of thought. She held her breath and repeated the question with a shaking voice. "How is Brother Yinan?"

"Yinan, that child, suffers a greater injury than you do. A few of his rib bones were broken and so were his legs. Thankfully, he spent a few years in the military before, and his physique is better than most. His life is not endangered, but he has to stay in the hospital for at least a month for his bones to heal," Song Menghwa answered and added at the end, "In fact, Yinan woke up two days before you did."

Song Qingchun sighed in relief when she heard that. She reached out to pull the needle from her arm and said, "Where is Brother Yinan, I want go see him now."

"Stay here, I'll help you." Song Menghwa reached out to stop Song Qingchun. "Yinan is just next door. Before you woke up, I went there to pay him a visit. He just had his medicine and went back to sleep. He'll probably wake up at night, so you can visit him then. For now, let this drip finish first."

As Song Menghwa said, Qin Yinan woke up at around 7 pm.

Song Qingchun suffered from a bit of a weakness in her body due to prolonged period in bed, but other than that, she felt fine. Therefore, she chose to have dinner in Qin Yinan's room.

Compared to her, Qin Yinan looked a lot worse for wear. He had bandages all over his head and chest, his legs were encased in plaster, and cuts as well as bruises could be seen from the littlest parts of his skin that were exposed.