Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 392

Chapter 392: The Contract Ends 3
Chapter 392: The Contract Ends (3)
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His face was bloated and heavily bruised; it looked uncannily like a color wheel with heavy emphasis on blue and green. His usual handsome features had disappeared without a trace.

When Qin Yinan saw Song Qingchun, he smiled as he usually did. However, due to the wounds on his face, his smile had lost its usual gentleness, and it seemed rather creepy.

"Song Song." If not for his familiar and kind voice, Song Qingchun wouldn't have believed this was her Brother Yinan.

This happened to Brother Yinan because of me.

"Brother Yinan." Guilt rushed at her like a tsunami, swallowing Song Qingchun completely. She steadied herself against the rush of emotions and walked into the room, replying to his greeting.

When she got closer, Song Qingchun realized how serious the injuries were. Wherever she looked, there wasn't a patch on him that wasn't injured in some ways.

Song Qingchun's eyes started to water so she lowered her head and uttered softly and sincerely, "Brother Yinan, thank you."

Even though she only said a few words, Qin Yinan understood what she meant. He patted the empty seat beside him and replied in a low voice, "Silly girl, why did you thank me? I was just doing what I'm supposed to."

Even though Song Qingchun no longer had romantic feelings toward Qin Yinan, when she heard the gentle words escape from his mouth and the fact that he had dropped everything to come and save her when he realized she was in danger, waves of emotions filled her heart. She was touched.

Her eyes prickled with tears, and she added softly with guilt, "I'm sorry, Brother Yinan. This is all my fault. It's because of me that this happened to you."

"No, it's my fault. I should have stayed close to you at the event." Perhaps he was still recovering because Qin Yinan halted in the middle of his sentence to take in a deep breath. Worried that it might exacerbate the guilt in Song Qingchun, Qin Yinan suppressed the pain radiating through his body and smoothed it over with a smile. After a moment's silence, he added, "No matter what, thankfully you're safe in the end. If anything really happened to you, I wouldn't have known how to face Song Cheng."

Song Qingchun's eyes were red with tears. Her heart was weighed down by both guilt and emotion. She opened her lips to say something, but nothing more than a sniffling sob came out. In the end, she apologized one more time and didn't know how to continue beyond that.

Qin Yinan saw the sadness in Song Qingchun's eyes, and he reached out to pat the girl on her head. However, the wound on his body prevented him from doing so. Eventually, he smiled and changed the topic. "Fine, let's not talk about that anymore. What's for dinner?"

Song Qingchun's heart ached with guilt when she saw how Qin Yinan's hand that grabbed the chopsticks shaking as he reached for his meal. After dinner, when she noted the red in Qin Yinan's mother's eyes when she helped her son clear away the utensils, her heart wrenched with guilt even more.

When Auntie Qin told her that she didn't need to trouble herself with the dishes, she ran into the bathroom without hesitation. Hiding in the bathroom, she surreptitiously wiped away her tears and returned to Qin Yinan's bedside only when she was feeling better.

Qin Yinan looked drained. He lay in bed with his eyes closed. He slowly opened them when he heard the approaching footsteps.