Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 394

Chapter 394: The Contract Ends 5
Chapter 394: The Contract Ends (5)
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"Therefore, he would have needed plenty of time to catch up to us. Furthermore, the streets of Beijing would have been heavily jammed at the time. So, if help did arrive at the last minute, logically speaking, it wouldn't have been Su Zhinian because the time didn't fit.

"Furthermore, based on your analysis, both of us were in mortal danger, but we're both safe, so logically speaking, there had to have been two people who came to save us because in such a situation, if only one person came, then that person would have to have superpowers like in the television series or the more logical answer would be that two people came. But how did they decide who to save in that nick of time?"

The more Qin Yinan thought about it, the more confused he became. Eventually he gave up and fell silence. Then, as if remembering something, he turned to Song Qingchun and said, "Song Song speaking of Su Zhinian, I have something I have to tell you.

"Thankfully he was around this time. It was him who first discovered you were in danger, and it was him who told me to use the shortcut. I have to admit, Su Zhinian's brain works in impressive ways; it was him who told me to run my car into the minivan as well."

"It was him who told you all those things?" Song Qingchun, who had been silent, suddenly asked. Before Qin Yinan answered, she added, "Did he tell you he was in the city on the phone while you were chasing after me? Or did you hear him wrongly?"

"Impossible." Qin Yinan then grabbed his phone and searched through it. He found a recording and played it for Song Qingchun. "I was toying with my phone that day and happened to have my auto-record on."

Of course, this was not a coincidence; it was a habit he had kept over the years. It was to record every single conversation he had with Tang Nuan, to savor every memory they made together.

Just like Qin Yinan said, Song Qingchun heard Su Zhinian's usual cavalier and cold voice in the recording. "You go chase after her. I'm still in the city; I fear it'll be too late."

Even though the recording didn't end there, Song Qingchun didn't have the mind for it anymore. For the rest of dinner, she kept getting distracted; none of the words from Qin Yinan's lips registered in her mind. In the end, she came up with an excuse that she was tired and returned to her room.

It was still early, but she pretended she was not feeling well and lay down in bed.

Facing away from Fang Rou and Song Menghwa, Song Qingchun stared out the window at the dark night, and her mind was a total mess.

What should I do?

Even though she had personally heard Su Zhinian say he was trapped in the city at the time of her abduction, she couldn't help but suspect that Su Zhinian was indeed the person she was looking for.

Before she was abducted, in the private clubhouse's bathroom, she had just realized how similar the kiss he had given her the night before was to the kiss she had received from her savior at the North Sea Garden. And today, Qin Yinan had just told her that it was Su Zhinian who first discovered she was in danger.

Only the person who had been keeping a close watch over her would be the first to know she was in danger The coincidences kept piling up in her mind.

The suspicion that was eliminated by Su Zhinian reignited in Song Qingchun's mind. She rolled out of bed and ignored the questioning gaze from Song Menghwa and Fang Rou to grab the phone she had been charging the whole afternoon. When she was going to give Su Zhinian a call, a message alert came into her phone.