Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 395

Chapter 395: The Contract Ends 6
Chapter 395: The Contract Ends (6)
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Song Qingchun glanced at it for a second and could recognize it as the mystery number.

She opened the message without hesitation. The message was as succinct as before, but when she read the short few words, her whole body froze as if petrified.

"The most beautiful incident is not loving you but meeting you."

When she received this message five years ago, she had thought the owner of these messages was her secret admirer. From middle school under now, many boys had confessed to her before, so she had heard much more fanciful proclamations than this before ,but for that moment, these few simple words managed to reach deep into her heart and touch it.

It was her father who pulled her back from her reverie. She had no clue what Song Menghwa was asking, so she merely replied with a half-hearted "okay" before wandering back to her bed and sitting down.

When she raised the phone to her face again, she realized how shaky her fingers were. The phone had already auto-locked. It took her an incredibly long time for her to align her fingerprint to open the lock. She stared at the eleven numbers for a long time before slowly typing back a reply.

"Who are you?"

"Can you please reply to my message?"

Similar to before, there was no reply. Song Qingchun stared at her phone, waiting for a reply, for a very long time. After she confirmed there wouldn't be an answer, her eyes glanced at the time the message had entered her phone.

2016 March 4th, 8.24 pm.

It was the night of her abduction. He had been sending her messages for five years already, and never once did he say anything remotely sentimental, so why did he send something like this on her night of abduction?

Song Qingchun's heart shook violently. Then the feeling that something huge had happened without her knowing appeared in her mind.

It made her restless. She shut her eyes and took in several deep breaths to calm herself down. Then, the possibility of Su Zhinian being the owner of the mysterious number caused her to come to a conclusion. Maybe something happened to him

Song Qingchun immediately sought out his number and gave him a call.

"I'm sorry, the number you're calling is currently unavailable, please try again later. Thank you."

Song Qingchun frowned and tried calling the bungalow's landline. There was no answer.

The anxiety in Song Qingchun's heart intensified. She called Su Zhinian's cell phone and the bungalow's landline alternately like a robot, but there was no answer from either end.

Song Qingchun didn't suffer from any injury, and the only reason she stayed at the hospital for so long was because she had been unconscious several days.

The next morning, she requested to leave the hospital. With Song Menghwa's insistence, she went for a full body check, and after making sure everything was physically fine with her, she finally got her wish.

Song Qingchun didn't return home with her family but said that she wished to stay behind to look after Qin Yinan. Confused by her daughter's action, Song Menghwa frowned. However, in the end, he relented. After all, it was due to Song Qingchun that Qin Yinan suffered such grievous injuries.

At late afternoon, Song Qingchun lied to Qin Yinan and left the hospital to rush to Su Zhinian's bungalow.

Just like how she usually did after work, she cleaned Su Zhinian's bungalow from top to bottom. There was not a speck of dust in sight.