Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 396

Chapter 396: The Contract Ends 7
Chapter 396: The Contract Ends (7)
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A few of the windows downstairs were open, and a spring breeze filled the house with the bouquet of spring.

Song Qingchun changed into her indoor slippers and dropped her bag on the coffee table. She moved to close all the windows on the first floor before heading upstairs. The door to Su Zhinian's bedroom was open and like usual; everything was in its place. There was no sign of chaos within observable range; even the air in his room was suffused with his unique faded scent.

Song Qingchun returned to her own bedroom. The closet that she left in a state of mess had been cleared, and her laundry had been done and arranged in the cupboard, neatly categorized.

Song Qingchun changed into a cotton casual outfit and wandered downstairs to prepare dinner. After she prepared a tableful of dishes, Song Qingchun walked into the dining room, and the clock on the wall told her it was 8.05 pm.

She planted herself on the living room sofa, waiting for Su Zhinian to come home.

The drama series that she had been following ended that day. Even though she had skipped a few episodes in the middle, she got the gist of it. She was enraptured by the plot, and when she came to next, it was already 9.30 pm; Su Zhinian was still not home.

Song Qingchun's stomach started to growl. She sauntered into the dining room and had a simple meal. Then she wrapped the leftovers up and placed them in the fridge.

She went for a slow jog in the downstairs gym for half an hour. After that, she returned to the dining room to pour herself a glass of water. She returned to her room for a shower, and when she finished applying all her creams and conditioners, it was already 11 pm. It was still silent downstairs, no sign of a car returning.

Song Qingchun surfed Tao Bao, and when she got tired of shopping, her phone showed that it was already March 9th 00.31 am.

In less than 24 hours, her contract with Su Zhinian would be over. Before retiring for the night, Song Qingchun tried giving Su Zhinian another call, and it still wouldn't go through.

Song Qingchun woke up early the next morning. The first thing she did was to run to the window to look down at the porch. It was empty.

After brushing her teeth and cleaning her face, she purposely poked her head into Su Zhinian's bedroom before going downstairs. The room was in the same state as she had seen last night.

This means that he didn't return last night

Song Qingchun didn't have the mood to prepare breakfast, so she just warmed up the leftovers in the fridge. After having her fill, she returned to the hospital; however, she soon left when it was noon. Before returning to the bungalow, she took a detour to his company, and after asking the receptionist, she was told Su Zhinian wasn't at the company.

It was 3 pm when she reached the bungalow. Song Qingchun wandered around the living room, waiting for Su Zhinian to show up.

Her routine was awfully similar to the previous day. She prepared dinner, and the food was left cold; she had a few bites, wrapped them up, and shoved them into the fridge. She took a shower, and lay in bed, going through her beauty rituals. When she prepared to sleep, there was still no trace of Su Zhinian.

The clock struck twelve, and March 10th had arrived. According to their contract, it was time for Song Qingchun to pack up her stuff and leave Su Zhinian's bungalow.

She sat in her bedroom and didn't move. Eventually, as the night deepened, she fell asleep.

Song Qingchun didn't have much of a sleep, and when the first ray of morning sun hit her face, she woke up.