Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 397

Chapter 397: The Contract Ends 8
Chapter 397: The Contract Ends (8)
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However, Song Qingchun didn't feel like going back to bed.

After a simple wash in the bathroom, she intended to go downstairs to cook up something to eat, but her appetite disappeared once she stepped into the dining room. She wandered listlessly into the living room and grabbed the phone to give Su Zhinian yet another call.

It was still disconnected.

Song Qingchun waited from morning to noon and from noon to late afternoon.

Finally, there was the sound of a car pulling onto the driveway.

She sat up instantly from the sofa. After confirming she hadn't heard wrongly, she jumped off the sofa and rushed to pull the front door open.

The car that crawled into the driveway was not Su Zhinian's car but a red Audi.

Song Qingchun started to frown when the car door was pushed open and out stepped Cheng Qingchong. Cheng Qingchong glanced at her before closing the door behind her and walked toward the girl who was standing beside the door.

Song Qingchun regained her senses and said, "You're here for Su Zhinian? He's not"

Before Song Qingchun could finish, Cheng Qingchong cut her off. "Miss Song"

Cheng Qingchong's eyes that stared at Song Qingchun paused. After a long time, as if Cheng Qingchong needed time to suppress some violent emotions within her, she offered Song Qingchun a friendly smile before adding, "It was actually CEO Su who ordered me to come find you."

Su Zhinian Song Qingchun had a sense why Cheng Qingchong was there. She was silent for a few second before taking a step back to welcome Cheng Qingchong into the house.

When Song Qingchun signaled for Cheng Qingchong to sit, she asked politely, "Miss Cheng, do you want anything to drink? Coffee or tea?"

"Thank you, Miss Song, but there's no need. I have a few words for you, and then I'll be going." The business smile was still plastered on Cheng Qingchong's face.

Song Qingchun nodded. She stood beside the sofa for quite some time but didn't sit. Instead, she ventured into the dining room to fetch two glasses of warm water. She passed one of them to Cheng Qingchong.

Cheng Qingchong accepted it with both hands and replied respectfully, "Thank you."

Song Qingchun forced a thin smile and took the empty seat across from Cheng Qingchong.

Cheng Qingchong held the glass in her hands as if deliberating on how to begin. Song Qingchun remained quiet and waited patiently. The living room was so quiet that one could hear the ticking of the clock.

After some time, Cheng Qingchong finally raised her head to meet Song Qingchun's eyes. She smiled with some trace of apology before beginning in an official tone. "Miss Song, CEO Su is currently in the USA and can't return due to work. Therefore, he purposely called to send me over to remind you that the contract you signed with him last year will be expiring today."

"Hmm." Song Qingchun answered with her head lowered and added, "I know."

The expression on Cheng Qingchong's face had returned to her usual professional appearance. Even her voice had lost her earlier friendliness; it was cold and official. "The Audi is the ride CEO Su prepared for you; he wishes for you to pack and leave his estate as soon as possible."

Even the car to send her away was ready; this was not "as soon as possible"; she was forced to leave that very day.

Song Qingchun's hands that gripped the water glass tightened.