Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 400

Chapter 400: Living In Memory 3
Chapter 400: Living In Memory (3)
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Did he make the decision when he was on the way to save Miss Song that he would give up his life to save her should the situation demand it?

It was why he used such a serious and sincere tone that she had not heard from him before when he gave her those three orders on the phone.

The three orders were all related to Miss Song.

The first was for her to make an anonymous call to the police station to report that the person behind Miss Song's abduction was a character by the name of Brother Kun.

The second was for her to come to his bungalow to chase Miss Song away with the most official, business-sounding, and cruel tone she could muster.

The third was the thing she was going to do now.

Cheng Qingchong took a deep breath and held in the tears that were threatening to fall. Then, she closed the door and headed back downstairs.

When she closed the front door, she suddenly stopped moving as if remembering something. She left the door open and went to the trashcan to retrieve the shoes Song Qingchun had dropped in there earlier.

Even though she couldn't tell whether her Big Boss was going to wake up or not, she believed that, since he had ordered her to say such cruel things to Miss Song, he was prepared to cut all ties from Miss Song already.

When Miss Song left, she didn't make a scene; in fact, she was overtly calm, but as a fellow woman, Cheng Qingchong understood that was the most accurate manifestation of sorrow. Miss Song must hate Big Boss very much now Therefore, even if one day Big Boss does wake up, perhaps Miss Song will really treat him like a stranger as he asked her to.

In her memory, she had rarely seen her Big Boss smile; the only time he was happy, it was because of Miss Song, but now that Song Qingchun had left He will be very sad in the future, right? These shoes are the only thing left behind by Miss Song, if he sees them, at least he'll be comforted somehow by the memory, right?

As Cheng Qingchong thought about it, she bent over to pick out the pair of shoes one by one from the trashcan and placed them back on the shoe rack. When she finally closed the front door, her eyes started to tear up again.

Cheng Qingchong pulled out several paper tissues to dab away her make-up that had ruined by the tears. She redid her make-up before leaving the place.

Cheng Qingchong didn't return to the company but went to the hospital. Cheng Qingchong took the elevator to the third floor and walked to Qin Yinan's room. She knocked on it.

"Come in," said the gentle voice from within.

Cheng Qingchong knew Song Qingchun's room and knew she had left the hospital two days ago. However, she pretended she didn't know all that. When the man's voice told her to come in, she pushed the door open, poked her head in, and her brows creased into a frown as she uttered a confused, "Hmm?"

There was only Qin Yinan in the room. He was reading, lying against the headboard. He thought it was the nurse who knocked on his door. He raised his eyes from his book when he heard the confusion in the "Hmm", and he saw a strange woman standing at the door. He asked in a calm voice, "I'm sorry, but who are you looking for?"