Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 402

Chapter 402: Living In Memory 5
Chapter 402: Living in Memory (5)
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The box tipped, and its contents spilled out. Cheng Qingchong used the bedside table to steady her balance and apologized to Qin Yinan. "I'm sorry, Mr. Qin."

"It's okay." Qin Yinan smiled gently at Cheng Qingchong before turning his gaze to her ankles. "Are you hurt?"

Cheng Qingchong shook her head and rushed over to clear away the mess that had fallen all over the bed. Qin Yinan, the gentleman that he was, helped her out.

They were all trinkets of a girl; there were cards, stickers, and a perfectly preserved teddy-bear shaped eraser.

Qin Yinan and Cheng Qingchong quickly cleared half of the stuff away. When Qin Yinan reached for a card that had fallen beside his arm, his motion suddenly paused.

This card looks so familiar.

Cheng Qingchong had been watching Qin Yinan out of the corner of her eyes. When she noticed the shock in Qin Yinan's eyes, she knew she had accomplished the third order given by her boss.

Her boss had told her on the phone, the first thing she needed to do after sending him to the hospital was to drive to his house and grab this box that was hidden in Song Qingchun's make-up table. After Song Qingchun left, she was to pretend that she had found this box that was 'left behind' by Song Qingchun and bring it to Qin Yinan.

Yes Qin Yinan Big Boss repeated that name thrice that night and reminded her that, no matter what, she had to make sure Qin Yinan discovered the cards inside.

Probably realizing he had been dazed for too long, Qin Yinan immediately tossed the card inside the box and continued to help Cheng Qingchong clear away the mess. However, he soon discovered a few more cards that he could recognize.

When the last card was placed inside the box, Cheng Qingchong closed the lid and placed the box on the bedside table that she knew was within Qin Yinan's reach. Then, she bade him farewell.

Qin Yinan maintained a gentle smile on his face, but when Cheng Qingchong left his room, his gaze slowly wandered to the box.

He knew that looking through Song Qingchun's stuff without her permission was highly disrespectful, but those few cards, they were too familiar like he had seen them somewhere before.

Qin Yinan stared unblinkingly at the box for a long time, and eventually, he reached out against his better judgement and placed it on his legs.

He searched for one of the familiar cards among the mess of trinkets. When the clear and youngish-looking handwriting on the card stared back at him, he was dazed like someone had slammed his head with a hammer.

Earlier, he had felt the cards were familiar, but now he was sure; these cards were his.

That was his handwriting from high school, and the poem on the cards were all written by him in high school.

He had borrowed a book about Xu Zhimo from the library and discovered a poem written on a paper in it. He had written a poem in return, and that was how the literal poetry book club that lasted for almost a year had started.

But isn't Tang Nuan the person who was behind the poems? Why are all the cards with Song Song then?

Could it be that Tang Nuan gifted these cards to Song Song when they were still good friends?

Qin Yinan frowned as he continued to pull out the rest of the familiar cards from the box. He flipped them open and read through them one by one.