Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 405

Chapter 405: Living In Memory 8
Chapter 405: Living in Memory (8)
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She had done everything he had ordered her to do, but could he really leave in peace?

Currently, the man was barely hanging on to his life; he could go at any moment. When his soul left his body and saw himself alone in the room without his love, Miss Song, by his side, would he really not regret it?

Cheng Qingchong slowly crumbled to the floor in a mess of tears.

She knew that he wouldn't regret it because as long as Miss Song was taken care of, no matter how deep the pain, he would be willing to suffer it without complaint.

It was why she had followed his orders to the tee. His biggest wish in life was not to be together with Miss Song but to make sure Miss Song had a carefree life.

His wish was her wish, so no matter how much it hurt her, Cheng Qingchong would carry out his last order to the best of her capability.

Song Qingchun dropped the luggage she taken from Su Zhinian's house at her own home and left for the hospital without unpacking.

When she walked through the hospital entrance, she came head-to-head with a familiar face.

Cheng Qingchun really didn't expect she would run into Song Qingchun so soon, so her expression visibly dazed. Then, she quickly lowered her head to hide her puffy eyes. She forced a smile at Song Qingchun and greeted her, "Miss Song."

Song Qingchun really didn't have the energy to deal with Cheng Qingchong. The words that she had told her a few hours ago at Su Zhinian's bungalow were still fresh in her mind. The sudden meeting tore her fresh wound open once more. Therefore, her first response was to ignore Cheng Qingchong and pretend that she didn't see here. However, she was too late; Cheng Qingchong had already greeted her.

Her hand gripped the lace of her purse tighter, and she summoned a great load of energy to keep her voice as level as possible when she replied. "Miss Cheng."

After that, Song Qingchong tried to walk around Cheng Qingchong and went into the lobby. When she passed Cheng Qingchong, Su Zhinian's assistant called her again. "Miss Song, you left something at CEO Su's place, and while I was clearing up your bedroom earlier, I found it. It looked fairly valuable, so CEO Su had me delivered it to you. I didn't know you had already left the hospital, so I left it with your friend, Mr. Qin Yinan."

I've been gone for less than two hours and my bedroom has already been cleared out? Su Zhinian is so desperate to have the trace of my existence wiped out of his life?

Song Qingchun bit her bottom lips to stop her body for shaking. After a long time, she squeezed out four simple words. "I understand, thank you."

Then she walked away without a look back.

It was because of her that Qin Yinan had suffered such a great injury, so no matter how sad she was, Song Qingchun forced herself to put on a bright persona around him.

However, it seemed like it was Qin Yinan who had something on his mind. Since she entered his room until she finished cutting him some fruits, he had said less than two sentences.

Song Qingchun assumed this meant that he was tired, so she didn't bother him too much. After he finished the plate of fruit, she stood beside his bed, staring at the clear IV drip.

The room was quiet, and the light outside the window slowly darkened. Qin Yinan's drip finally finished when the sky was dark. Song Qingchun called the nurse to change the needle and was going to prepare dinner for Qin Yinan when the phone Qin Yinan had placed on the sofa to charge suddenly rang. It was a message alert.