Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Living In Memory 9
Chapter 406: Living in Memory (9)
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In the quiet room, the message was greatly amplified. Qin Yinan turned to look at the sofa.

Due to his condition, Song Qingchun helped him grab the phone. When she disconnected the phone from the charger, the screen lit up, and her eyes accidentally scanned the content.

It was a message from 'Baby Nuan', and it was a very short message: "You've been hospitalized?"

Baby Nuan Is that Tang Nuan?

Song Qingchun lowered her gaze and delivered the phone to Qin Yinan with an unreadable expression. Then, she went to get the dinner from the nurse.

Qin Yinan accepted the phone but didn't unlock it. He tapped on the screen to make it light up. When he saw the brief content of the message, the corner of his lips visibly froze. He stared at it for about half a minute before placing it beside his pillow without writing a reply.

When Song Qingchun returned with dinner, Qin Yinan was lying in his bed, looking up at the ceiling like there was something interesting on it. Song Qingchun pushed the movable table to Qin Yinan's bedside. Qin Yinan didn't show any response, and it was until Song Qingchun reached out to shake him that he replied with an "oh" and sat up in a hurry.

They didn't share any conversation during dinner. Other than the sound of chopsticks hitting the plate, the room was quiet. After dinner, Song Qingchun cleared away everything. She passed Qin Yinan a glass of water, and the room soon returned to its silent state.

The silence turned the atmosphere in the room weird. Song Qingchun could see that Qin Yinan was in a bad mood, and she predicted that it had plenty to do with Tang Nuan.

When she was still crazy about him, she would have done everything within her power to cheer him up whenever she saw he was feeling down. However, now she was nursing her own heartache, she didn't have the power left in her to be a clown to cheer someone else up.

Their negative energy worked off of each other, and in the end, they only made each other feel worse. From some inexplicable reason, Song Qingchun felt tears prickling her eyes. She was afraid that she might lose her composure if she stayed any longer, so she stood up and said, "Brother Yinan, it's getting late; you need to sleep soon. I have to go home already."

Qin Yinan slowly turned to look at her after a long time and replied with another "oh." He looked like he didn't quite understand what she had just said.

Before leaving, Song Qingchun was reminded of the words that Cheng Qingchong told her when they met at the hospital entrance, so she added, "Brother Yinan, did a Miss Cheng Qingchong leave something with you that belongs to me?"

"Hmm." Qin Yinan nodded and pointed at the box on the bedside table rather distractedly.

It was then that Song Qingchun noticed the box on the table. The box used to be her most treasured possession; however, that day, she had been there for hours but didn't even notice the thing.

Song Qingchun hugged the box and bade Qin Yinan farewell before heading for the door.

When she pulled the door open, the sound of door creaking probably roused Qin Yinan. He looked at the box in her embrace and suddenly called out her name. "Song Song."

Song Qingchun looked over her shoulder with a "Hmm?"

Qin Yinan seemed to want to say something, but eventually, he merely smiled kindly at her and added, "Be careful on your way home, remember to message me when you get there."