Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 407

Chapter 407: Living In Memory 10
Chapter 407: Living in Memory (10)
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"Okay, I will." Song Qingchun waved goodbye to Qin Yinan and left, closing the door behind her.

Qin Yinan was left alone in the room. With his hands behind his head, his laid in his bed and looked up at the ceiling. His gaze started to falter.

Actually, the question he wanted to ask earlier was, "You're the person who replied to my poems, right?"

However, he couldn't bring himself to voice the questions. He searched through her box thoroughly that afternoon and realized most of the things inside were related to him. They were little trinkets to record her youthful infatuation with him.

All this while, Qin Yinan had thought that she viewed him just like a big brother, just like she viewed Song Cheng. He hadn't expected her reliance on him was more than that between siblings.

At the bottom of the box, he found a piece of white paper, parts of the paper itself were wrinkled as if it had been left to dry after being soaked in water. The words on it were blurred but still legible. He could recognize it as Song Qingchun's handwriting. Based on the content, Qin Yinan believed that what had soaked the paper were tears. From the ink, he believed it was written not long ago.

"Brother Yinan, from today onwards, I will start to learn to give up on you."

"Brother Yinan, this is the first day I've given up on you. I told myself not to send you any messages, but I couldn't help myself and sent you one."

"It's the second day. I've successfully prevented myself from sending you a single message, but I did chat with you on WhatsApp."

"It's the tenth day. My heart doesn't seem to hurt that much anymore when I think about you."

"It's the twentieth day. I once thought I would be unable to give you up; in fact, I thought I would have to give up on giving you up, but now, I realize, that might not be the truth."

"It's the thirtieth day. I can't believe I forgot to record my daily feelings about you for as long as ten days, and I can face you naturally now. I believe, I have truly put you behind me now."

Even though he didn't mean to hurt her before, it was undeniable that he had been the cause for her many tears. Now, she had finally walked away from that sadness, so why would he bring up the past and tear open her wounds?

Qin Yinan stayed in that blank state for a long time before sighing at last. He grabbed the phone beside his pillow, clicked it open, and read the message sent by 'Baby Nuan'. He stared at the few words for a long time before tapping on her name and changing 'Baby Nuan' to 'Tang Nuan'.

On March 12th, the temperature suddenly rose; it made wearing a winter coat an impossibility unless you wanted to be cooked alive.

Song Qingchun cleared half of her day to collect all of her winter coats and send them for dry cleaning. When she was folding the coats, she reached into all of the pockets to empty the contents.

In less than a few minutes, there was a sizeable pile on the floor consisting of coins and receipts.

When she was searching through the pockets of a pink fur coat, she found a folded piece of paper note inside the pocket. She opened it with a frown and saw the words 'Beauty Su' written on it.

Her heart suddenly stopped as if someone had squeezed it hard, the pain causing her eyes to become red with tears.

She no longer had anything to do with him, but why was she still affected by his presence like they were in a symbiotic relationship?

This was the eighth time that day she had been affected by his presence, or rather, the lack of.

The first was in the morning when she had been woken up by her alarm. After her morning rituals, she had rushed downstairs to prepare breakfast. When she noticed Fang Rou, who was cooking in the kitchen, it had hit her that she was no longer at Su Zhinian's bungalow, so she didn't have to prepare breakfast for him anymore.