Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 408

Chapter 408: Another Meeting 1
Chapter 408: Another Meeting (1)
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The second time was when she'd lugged her tired body back into her room and turned on her computer to play game; the little patcher he had made for her had popped up on screen.

The third time was when she had gone downstairs for breakfast. Her sister-in-law had made oatmeal porridge, his favorite food.

The fourth time was when the delivery had arrived, and she had reached into her wallet to pay for it, only to find the Black Card he had given her, and the "I'm sorry" on the back.

The fifth time was when she'd gone shopping with Fang Rou. When her sister-in-law reached for dairy farm milk, she had switched it out for Califia vegan milk because that was the brand Su Zhinian preferred.

The sixth time was when she'd returned home with her sister-in-law. As soon as she stepped into the living room, the news Song Menghwa had been watching mentioned Su Zhinian's company.

The seventh time was when she'd answered her phone; his name was still near the top of her phone records.

And this was the eighth time

She remembered how the paper note got there. It was after the incident at North Sea Garden. She had been too afraid to leave home alone, so she had called him to come fetch her. She had felt uncomfortable about keeping him as 'Maniac Su' in her contact list, so she had intended to come up with another for him. Therefore, she'd written down all the nicknames she had given him over the years, and when she was about to pick one, he had reached her house. She had grabbed one in a hurry, shoved it into her pocket, and promptly forgotten about it.

It was only 11 am; it had been a short five hours since she woke up, but her emotions had been disturbed due to him eight times already.

Initially, she had only needed a few seconds to rearrange her feelings, but the eighth time, she finally lost control of her emotions and red rimmed her eyes. For a reason that she couldn't explain to herself, she reached out to her phone, searched for his name among her contact list, and changed 'Maniac Su' to 'Beauty Su' through her tears. After that, the dam that had been holding in her tears collapsed, and she doubled over and cried, gripping the paper note tightly in her hand.

It was weird; there was nothing more than a trade between them, and when the contract was made, she had wished desperately for this day to arrive. Now, her dream had come true; Song Empire had been revived, and she was no longer indebted to him. However, she couldn't find it within her to be happy. Even if he did say something nasty through his secretary when she was chased out of his house, it had been two days already, so what was the real explanation for the congested feelings in her heart?

She felt like there was knife stuck in a heart, like there was unfinished business between them. The wound in her heart would not start to recover until the knife was taken out.

The weather outside the window was wonderful. The trees danced according to the rhythm of the wind, and the flower buds peeked their heads out of the grass.

Inside the room, the girl was crying so hard that she had difficulty catching her breath. Her stifled tears writing a heart-breaking story.

Beijing's spring was incredibly short.

After the spring holiday, the temperature of the city rose tremendously. There was already the smell of summer in the air. The girls on the street started sporting shorter skirts.

Song Qingchun had an interview scheduled that afternoon with a famous celebrity at a private coffee shop in Sanlitun 1 . The celebrity had risen to fame within the past six months, so there were still plenty of mysterious things about him. The questions were many and easy.

The interview that was scheduled to take two hours was completed in one hour.