Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 410

Chapter 410: Another Meeting 3
Chapter 410: Another Meeting (3)
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Song Qingchun controlled the steering wheel with one hand and leaned over to grab the phone with another. She looked at the Caller ID and hesitated for a moment before putting the phone to her ear. "Dad."

"Qingchun," Song Menghwa was probably in the middle of a chess game because Song Qingchun could hear the sound of a piece knocking against wood in the background, "are you free tonight?"

Song Qingchun answered, without second thought, "I need to stay at the company."

"What? Hello? What did you say? I can't hear you" Song Menghwa suddenly raised his volume to interrupt her. After several hellos he continued. "Qingchun, I think the connection at your uncle Sun's place is not that good, can you even hear me? I've missed you; you haven't had dinner with me for such a long time already, so you have to come to Jin Yuan tonight to accompany me, okay? Goodbye, I'll see you there"

"Hello, Dad?" Song Qingchun was starting to protest, but Song Menghwa hung up immediately, not giving her the chance. Song Qingchun heard the dial tone from her phone and tried to call Song Menghwa back. However, the operator told her that the phone had already been switched off.

This lousy trick again!

Song Qingchun threw the phone back at the passenger seat in frustration and raised her free hand to massage her temple. She couldn't help but grumble in dissatisfaction. "What does he mean by haven't had dinner with him for a long time, what about the dinner last night? This is obviously a blind date."

Yes, a set up so to speak

After the incident two months ago and also probably due to the loss of his son still haunting him, Song Menghwa was incredibly worried about Song Qingchun. He had even hired two bodyguards to tail her every hour of the day.

The police had come to conclude the report. Of the trio that abducted her that night, the driver, due to the wound to his heart, had died due to massive blood loss. The young man had said he fainted before anything happened, so his answer to everything was: "I don't know."

The fatty had woken up after one month, and as if spooked, his mind was extremely muddled. However, the police had still managed to pick up from his ramblings that someone appeared to save her and Qin Yinan that night.

Regarding the identity of that person, the police had searched high and low, but they had not come up with anything.

However, when the police returned to report to her, they had passed Song Qingchun a clear plastic bag containing a gold button.

The officer had told her that the button was found at the scene. It looked expensive, not something affordable for the three abductors. It was related to her, so they had left it in her care.

It was a menswear's button and seemed to have fallen from a shirt. The design was simple yet elegant.

She had asked Qin Yinan and confirmed that it didn't belong to him. In fact, when she heard the denial from him, her heart had shaken for a moment.

It was not Qin Yinan's and not the three abductors', so it had to belong to her savior.

This button was her only clue to finding that person.