Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Another Meeting 4
Chapter 411: Another Meeting (4)
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Afraid that she might accidentally lose the button, she strung it through a red thread and wore it as a pendant of sorts around her neck.

Five days after the incident, there had been an anonymous tip to the police station reporting that the mastermind behind the abduction was someone by the name of 'Brother Kun'.

With that lead, the police had interrogated the young man and fatty, and they'd managed to pry from their lips the full name of Brother Kun; it was Xie Kun. Most likely, he had gotten wind of the plan's failure because when the police raided his lair, the man was gone.

Regarding why they were targeting Song Qingchun's life, the young man had said Brother Kun had promised them a large sum of money after the deal was done to help them escape the country. Xie Kun didn't give them the exact reason, so the whole truth could only be exposed after Xie Kun was behind bars.

However, there was still a big mystery that remained; why would the driver suddenly commit suicide?

Xie Kun was a wanted man all over the country, which meant that Song Qingchun was temporarily safe. Song Qingchun begged her father to fire the two bodyguards who followed her around like flies, and finally, he relented. However, in return, he started pushing her toward marriage, hoping that she would have someone to look after her.

Initially, Song Menghwa would only nag her to go on dates, but after realizing she was not doing anything of that kind, he started tricking her into coming to these blind dates. She would go to dinner with him, and there would be a young man at the table.

After this happened a couple of times, Song Qingchun started finding reasons to reject going out to dinner with her father. However, Song Menghwa had become even more cunning than she was, giving her no chance to reject him at all.

Furthermore, Song Menghwa was still recovering from his illness, so Song Qingchun only dared to skip dinner a few times lest it caused her father's blood pressure to rise.

Now that she thought about it, this week, Song Menghwa had called her seven times asking her out to dinner. She had skipped the one on Monday and found a reason to escape from the rest. If she didn't appear for the dinner tonight, it would most likely threaten Song Menghwa's limit.

Song Qingchun felt a headache coming just thinking about this. She rolled down the window to let in some air. However, it didn't seem to blow her troubles away. Frustrated, she turned the air conditioner up to its maximum.

As the chilling winds fell on her face, she felt slightly better.

Song Menghwa's dinner was set at 7.30 pm.

When Song Qingchun passed TW Station, it was still early, so she dropped in to pass the interview records to her assistant.

Song Qingchun left her company at 6.30 pm. Even if the traffic was horrendous, it wouldn't take her an hour to reach Jin Yuan.

However, she didn't prepare for the sudden change in weather. Ten minutes after she left her company, lightning started to rumble, and it began to pour. The slippery road caused an accident, and she was stuck in traffic for an hour.

When she arrived at Jin Yuan, it was almost 8.30 pm.

Song Qingchun rushed to the private room, and she saw only Song Menghwa in there.

Huh? My guess was wrong; this is purely a family dinner?

As Song Qingchun frowned with confusion, Song Menghwa stood up from his seat, and his face fell. He ignored her and said to the driver who was standing there, "We'll go home now!"