Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 412

Chapter 412: Another Meeting 5
Chapter 412: Another Meeting (5)
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"Dad" Song Qingchun pleaded with Song Menghwa. She was just about to explain when Song Menghwa huffed angrily and walked past her.

It was the driver who clued Song Qingchun in. After Song Menghwa left the room, he whispered into her ear, "Young Miss, you'd better go apologize to Old Master when you're home. This time, he found you a young man who's just returned from his study overseas. He comes from a good family background; I hear he's the son of some university chancellor. He waited for an hour and left in an angry fit, saying Old Master didn't have the sincerity to make this work, and that made Old Master lose face."

Song Menghwa's deliberate coughs came from outside the door, and the driver shut up immediately. He smiled apologetically at Song Qingchun and quickly left.

To be honest, Song Qingchun sighed in relief that the blind date had ended up in a dud. In fact, when she saw the dishes left on the table, she even sat down and started enjoying them.

Song Qingchun paid the bill and left to use the bathroom before leaving Jin Yuan.

When she stood at the sink, the cubicle behind her opened. She didn't turn around but focused on washing her hands. She pressed the dispenser for soap and was rubbing her hands drying with the paper napkins when she heard someone call from behind her, "Miss Song?"

Song Qingchun was startled and raised her head to see Zheng Hao in a smart suit walk toward her in the reflection of the mirror.

Song Qingchun followed Su Zhinian's recommendation and had Song Menghwa officially hire Zheng Hao as Song Empire's CEO. As Su Zhinian predicted, Song Empire ran smoothly in Zheng Hao's care, and the company was only getting better.

Song Qingchun dropped the paper napkin into the dustbin and straightened up to smile at Zheng Hao. "CEO Zheng, this is such a coincidence."

"It is" Zheng Hao smiled in response and asked, "You're also here for dinner?"

"Yes." Song Qingchun nodded.

"With Old Director?"

"Yes, but he already left."

"That's such a shame; I need to report something to him," Zheng Hao commented with a sigh.

"Is it important?" Song Qingchun asked nonchalantly, merely as a way to continue the conversation.

"It's not particularly important; it's related to CEO Su"

"CEO Su?" Song Qingchun frowned slightly. "Su Zhinian?"

When Song Qingchun saw Zheng Hao nod, her frown deepened. "What about him?"

Zheng Hao was under a professional obligation to tell Song Qingchun, and he had been trying to find a way to remind Song Menghwa these past few days, so he said conservatively, "It's about CEO Su's one hundred million investment."

"One hundred million investment?" Song Qingchun was dumbfounded. "What one hundred million?"

"Miss Song, don't tell me you've forgotten it like Old Director?"

Song Qingchun was made even more confused. "Forgotten? CEO Zheng, do you mind clarifying? I don't quite get it"

"CEO Su used one hundred million to save Song Empire" After all, it was not Zheng Hao that owed the money or had money owed to, so he didn't go into details.

Song Qingchun was dazed. She stared at Zheng Hao for a long time before asking, "When was this?"

This time it was Zheng Hao who was dumbfounded. "Miss Song, you really don't know about this?"