Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 413

Chapter 413: Another Meeting 6
Chapter 413: Another Meeting (6)
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Song Qingchun shook her head slightly and didn't speak.

Zheng Hao understood what she didn't say and elaborated. "The company was pushing out a new product when CEO Su took over Song Empire last year. The production was halted because the company was running low on funds. At the time, I was the person responsible for that product; the situation was truly dire. If we couldn't find the money to continue the production, Song Empire would really have gone under. Furthermore, the Old Director's physical condition wasn't that favorable at the time, so none of us dared disturb him. Song Empire was in huge debt with the banks, so asking for a loan was impossible.

"Just as everyone was certain the company was going to go bankrupt, CEO Su, who had taken over the company for only twenty days, transferred one hundred million from his personal account into Song Empire and allowed the product to be completed. It was because of that product that Song Empire was given a chance to come back from the dead.

"When CEO Su transferred the money, he didn't mention whether it was an investment in Song Empire or whether it was a loan to Song Empire. Therefore, we all assumed the discussion had already happened between CEO Su and the Old Director or Young Miss. Song Empire is preparing to invest in a new project next month, but Old Director hasn't mentioned what to do with this amount of money. I'm afraid of investing the money that doesn't belong to the company, so I've been meaning to ask Old Director whether to leave this money from CEO Su aside or"

Song Qingchun could feel her heart gradually shrink and blood started to drain from her face.

When he proposed a contract with her before agreeing to take over Song Empire, she had assumed he wanted her body as exchange. However, the contract had ended, and he still hadn't taken a cent from Song Empire and hadn't truly touched her.

Now that she thought about it, it was a completely unfavorable contract for him. Even as the other party in the contract, she herself felt that it was not worth it for him. However, she didn't expect that he would have done so much more than he told her; the contract was so much more unfavorable to him than she had assumed. After all, one hundred million was not a small figure.

If if she hadn't happened to stumble across Zheng Hao and hear this news from him, would she have never known about this one hundred million that he gave without asking for anything in return?

The rest of the conversation didn't register in Song Qingchun's mind; in fact, she couldn't even recall how the conversation ended. When she came to, she was already sitting in her car.

When she exited Jin Yuan's parking lot, the heavy downpour had slowed to a drizzle. It was 10 pm, and the traffic was still quite heavy due to the rain.

She turned on the radio, and the masculine yet mellifluous voice of the broadcaster soothed her conflicted feelings.

When she was waiting at a red light, the advertisement on the radio ended, and a beautiful melody started to play.

Song Qingchun felt the melody was extremely familiar, so she paid special attention to it.

"I said I fear most the breeze before the rain, you said it's the same for you too"

As the familiar lyric drifted out of the radio speaker, Song Qingchun's heart squeezed with pain.