Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 414

Chapter 414: Another Meeting 7
Chapter 414: Another Meeting (7)
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She couldn't remember when the last time she had been so affected by him in the span of a day.

"It seems that we've both been loved by someone before; those dreams that were perfect to the point of not needing to be remedied; the many similar kinds of tenderness; there were also have different kinds of sadness"

She could still control her emotions when she saw the cotton candy in the afternoon, but her control completely unraveled when this song started to play. Memories flooded her mind like a broken dam, twisting her heart with pain.

This song, she had heard it many times since the first time she heard it in Su Zhinian's study.

Even though it had been almost five months, she could still remember what happened that day.

She had asked him for a day-off to attend Qin Yinan's party. She'd had an argument with Tang Nuan, and Tang Nuan had jumped into the lake to pin an attempted murder charge on her. That night, she had almost gotten into a deep load of trouble, and it was him who had come to her rescue at the last moment.

That night had been the first time she actively brewed coffee for him without him asking. The door to his study had been left slightly ajar, and since she didn't get any response after knocking on the door for a long time, she had pushed the door open and walked in. At the time, he had been half-collapsed on his desk, seemingly writing or drawing something. When she'd gotten close, she had realized he was writing his diary.

That night had been the first time she actively asked him out for dinner. She remembered it had been late, and she had asked why he was staying up so late. He had said that he had some work to complete. She'd seen the pile of documents about Song Empire on his table and noticed, for the time, the black under his gorgeous pair of eyes.

That night, she had even given him a new nickname: Big-headed Su.

It was him who had fetched her from the northern mountains.

It was him who had saved her from the deliveryman at TW Station.

It was him who had prepared a glass of warm milk for her during her painful period.

It was then that Song Qingchun realized Su Zhinian had done so many things for her. She had thought she wouldn't remember these things that appeared insignificant, but she realized she remembered every single one of them, and they had all been kept in a corner of her heart.

His presence was like a tattoo, forever seared on her heart.

It has been two months since the man harshly tossed me out of his house, so why do I still think about him so often?

The mist before Song Qingchun's eyes got heavier.

The car in front of her was gaining speed, but for some reason, Song Qingchun slammed on the brake, and the car came to a sudden halt. The next second, the car shook from the force from behind. Song Qingchun, who was completely unprepared, had her head slammed heavily on the steering wheel.

Song Qingchun calmed her beating heart and carefully examined the wound on her forehead through the rear-view mirror. Through the mirror, she saw the driver door of the car behind her open.

She grabbed a paper napkin in a hurry to wipe away her tears. She then took a deep breath and pushed the door open to step out.

She closed the door and was walking toward the car behind her when she saw a familiar figure get out from the passenger side.

She was startled, and her footsteps stopped. As if acting on instinct, her eyes then zeroed in on the car's windshield.

Through the falling rain, and using the light of the street lamp as a guide, she saw a familiar and handsome face sitting in the backseat.