Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 415

Chapter 415: Another Meeting 8
Chapter 415: Another Meeting (8)
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Those deep eyes, aquiline nose, perfect jaw

He was wearing a pure black suit and snow-white shirt underneath it. The simple contrast of black and white brought out his majestic air perfectly.

Even though he was seated in the car, saying no words, and had no obvious expression on his face, she could feel his elegant and impressive presence wash over her.

He seemed to sense her eyes on him because his face, which was lowered, suddenly looked up, and his dark eyes met her own.

Song Qingchun was completely petrified. Like a scene out of a movie, she stood immobile in the rain, holding his gaze through the windshield.

This surprise meeting made her feel like she was in a dream. She felt like this was a hallucination. She reached out to pinch the ball of her palm, and she finally conceded it wasn't when the pain registered in her mind.

After two months, she had finally stumbled across him again in the busy streets of Beijing. She would be reminded of him every other day, but when she really saw him in person, she finally realized how much she missed him.

Su Zhinian Su Zhinian

Song Qingchun repeated his name twice in her mind and slowly turned up her lips at the person who had been haunting her every waking hour. However, right then, as if she was nothing more than a stranger his car had unfortunately crashed into, Su Zhinian slowly and deliberately turned his head away to look out the window on his right.

Song Qingchun's smile as well as the blood in her body froze. The feeling of joy was instantly extinguished by his lack of concern. The slow drizzle continued to fall on the windshield, blurring her view of him, but it was made clear once more by the mechanical movement of the windshield wiper.

She stood in a daze on the street; she didn't even have the mind to retract the smile that was forming on her lips.

She saw Su Zhinian reach out gracefully to tap on the car window. Cheng Qingchong, who had alighted from the car, walked over, bowed down, and said respectfully, "CEO Su."

Song Qingchun couldn't hear clearly what he said, but Cheng Qingchong soon nodded, straightened up, and walked toward her.

Cheng Qingchong stopped at around half a meter away from Song Qingchun. She smiled politely before she greeted, "Nice to meet you, Miss Song."

After speaking with Cheng Qingchong, Su Zhinian had pulled his gaze away and didn't glance at her once even though her eyes had been glued to him. When Cheng Qingchong called her name, she nodded automatically. It was not until ten seconds later that she finally moved her gaze to settle on Cheng Qingchong's face. The voice that fell from her lips was a bit raw. "Long time no see, Miss Cheng."