Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 416

Chapter 416: Another Meeting 9
Chapter 416: Another Meeting (9)
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"Long time no see" Cheng Qingchong returned another professional smile at the greeting. Before Song Qingchun could say anything, Cheng Qingchong added in a tactful manner, "Miss Song, CEO Su wishes for me to ask whether you would like to settle this accident privately or officially through the police?"

Don't we know each other? Does he need to be so formal dealing with such a small accident?

Instantly, the words Cheng Qingchong delivered on his behalf two months ago when she was chased out of his bungalow echoed in her mind. "CEO Su said, now that the contract is over, the relationship between you and he is officially over. He hopes that the relationship can return to the pre-contract state. He hopes that you'll stop bugging him."

Song Qingchun's expression became increasingly frozen.

The Beijing's weather in May was just right; it was the period with the most wonderful weather of the whole year. Even if it was raining, it wouldn't have been cold. However, at that moment, Song Qingchun was chilled.

It was not that she didn't remember the words that he had said, but with the precedence of what happened five years ago, she really didn't think that they would end up as strangers should they really meet again. Obviously, she had underestimated the coldness of his heart.

Cheng Qingchong stood patiently in the rain, waiting for Song Qingchun. However, her patience was seriously tested when the other woman didn't seem like she was going to say anything, so she coughed and added, "Miss Song?"

Song Qingchun recovered and sucked in a light breath before saying, "That won't be necessary"

Under normal circumstances, it would the car at the rear who would shoulder full responsibility in such accident, but in this case, the fault fell completely on Song Qingchun. It was her fault for becoming absent-minded while she was driving and mistaking the brake for gas pedal.

"That" Cheng Qingchong started to speak with difficulty before stopping after saying that one word. She glanced at Song Qingchun's car and turned back to walk to the window. She lowered her head to talk to Su Zhinian inside the car, and Su Zhinian passed her something. Then Cheng Qingchong returned to converse with Song Qingchun. "CEO Su said that this is his fault, and it is only fair that he compensates you for any damage. Furthermore, Miss Song, you're injured; CEO Su said that if you need, I can accompany you to the nearest clinic, but if you don't, please take this."

Then, Cheng Qingchong passed Song Qingchun the thing that she had gotten from Su Zhinian. Song Qingchun leaned closer and saw that it was a check. Su Zhinian had signed it, but the column for the amount had been left empty.

Song Qingchun's face turned even whiter when she looked at the piece of paper. Her hands curled into fists involuntarily, and her head lowered out of habit.

Tendrils of ice radiated from her heart and slowly crawled over her entire body. Even the wound on her forehead started to sting.

Once he had dropped his work and driven her home to take care of her simply because she had a painful period, but now, in contrast, she had gotten into an accident, and there was blood trickling down her forehead, but all he did was get his secretary to buy her off with money? He didn't even have the courtesy to get out from his car and talk to her in person.

Su Zhinian's signature on the cheque was still the one she recognized; it was powerful and flowy, completed in one stroke.

However, the longer Song Qingchun stared at it, the more unfamiliar it became to her.