Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 418

Chapter 418: The Man Of Her Dreams Has Returned 1
Chapter 418: The Man of Her Dreams Has Returned (1)
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The same inhumanly handsome features and stifling presence

It was everything she remembered and more.

They were inches apart, yet it felt like they were worlds away.

Two friends that have been friends for many years, the reasons that our two loves came and went.

After the events have happened and the times have changed, we both reminisced on the side of the road.

That dream in which we were slapped in the face was like the sound of rumbling thunder

The car slowly drove away, carrying him away from her sight. Her eyes had been glued to him, but he acted like she was thin air, not even glancing her way once.

We have all been forgotten, all have been forgotten for a long time;

Time is a roadside thief.

That sleeve under the umbrella and that face that is waiting for an answer;

How much happiness has turned into loneliness in the end?

The car eventually drove past her and accelerated until it disappeared among the traffic of busy Beijing.

And the song in her car was still playing.

We have all been forgotten, all have been forgotten for a long time.

How many words should be used to describe 'love'?

You spoke so calmly and easily, I watched dark clouds fly away, and because I understand all the things you say, love often has a beginning but no ending

The rain suddenly started to pour again, the needle-like water drops turned into pearl droplets. Song Qingchun's attire was quickly soaked through. Her wet, long hair stuck to her face and neck, but she still stood where she was, completely immobile.

The cars on the road slowly dwindled. A few drivers slowed down to toss her a confused look, watching her stand in a daze out there in the rain. Eventually, a kind mother stopped by the roadside and came to stand by her side with an umbrella, asking with concern, "Girl, why are you standing here in the rain? You'll catch a nasty cold."

Song Qingchun blinked into consciousness, and she pulled her gaze back from where she had last seen Su Zhinian's car. She turned and forced a smile at the lady who was talking to her and shook her head.

"Girl, your forehead is hurt. The rain could cause a serious infection; you have to be careful." The mother was a kind person; as she advised Song Qingchun, she pulled out her phone to help her call an ambulance. "I think I'd better call you an ambulance."

"Really, there's no need," Song Qingchun said in a tone that was incredibly hoarse. She smiled at the mother and said, "There's really no need; I was merely spacing out. I'll go now."

The worried lady followed Song Qingchun to her car and even asked her if she needed to call a taxi. Song Qingchun smiled and thanked her for her kindness. She waited for the lady to return to her car before she started her engine and continued on the road.

The song on the radio finally changed, but it was not like Song Qingchun was really listening to anything that was on.

Song Qingchun wanted to return home, but she turned and turned around a roundabout, seemingly unable to find the exit that would lead her home. When she finally made an exit, it was not the correct one, and it led her to the part of Beijing where the nightlife congregated.

Ever since that incident during high school, Song Menghwa had forbidden her from coming to this kind of place, but when Song Cheng was still around, he had still snuck her out once or twice before.

The colorful lights flashed until Song Qingchun felt like she was about to go dizzy. She searched for a long time but still couldn't find that nightclub that she had once visited. Eventually she settled on a random one and drove into its carpark.