Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 419

Chapter 419: The Man Of Her Dreams Has Returned 2
Chapter 419: The Man of Her Dreams Has Returned (2)
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When Song Qingchun got out of her car, the valet was visibly startled seeing the state he was in.

He had worked there for years and every guest he ushered through the door was dressed up to the nines. This was the first time where he saw someone came to the club completely drenched and with a fresh wound on the forehead

However, when he spotted the limited edition Chanel watch on Song Qingchun's wrist, he quickly removed his shock. He helped Song Qingchun park her car nicely and led her into the club.

It was 11.30 pm, and the atmosphere was getting heated. The music was booming, and under the flickering lights, couples were grinding against each other on the dance floor.

Song Qingchun slumped into one of the booths that faced the stage. The waiter told her that there would be a live performance at midnight.

The booth was part of a package that came with a bottle of white wine, a bottle of red wine, a dozen beers, a big fruit plate, and assorted nuts. The package cost five digits.

Song Qingchun had the waiter open all the alcohol and filled up her heavy crystal mug with foaming beer. She downed it like it was water, and as the alcohol worked its way through her system, she gradually felt better. The congested feeling in her heart slowly unraveled.

Other than her own, other booths were filled with partying groups. In fact, the booth right opposite from her was so full with people that some of the female guests that barely had anything on were forced to sit on people's laps.

Song Qingchun was much too conspicuous in this environment. Many tossed curious glances at her, and even a few men came over to ask whether they could join her.

Song Qingchun didn't even raise her eyes to acknowledge them; she focused fully on her drinking.

All the alcohol seemed to go straight to her bladder because she only sat there for fifteen minutes before she needed to use the bathroom. By then, she had finished two and a half bottles of beer. She was still rather conscious. When she exited the bathroom, she stumbled across a couple who were smooching the house down in the corridor.

It was midnight when she returned to her booth, and the show had already started. A lady in white dress got up to the stage, greeted the room, and started singing.

"I said I fear most the breeze before the rain;

"You said it's the same for you too.

"We both laughed while looking at the sky, and talked and talked until we both were crying"

The singer had remixed the song into a techno version, and the original touching melody was so wrangled that Song Qingchun couldn't even recognize it at the beginning, but as the familiar lyrics drifted into her ears, she started to get depressed again.

What the When did this song get so popular? Why is it played wherever I go?

Song Qingchun grabbed the beer bottle by the neck and downed the rest of the bottle in one go.

It had been a long time since she had drunk so openly. She remembered the last time she had done this; it was her birthday last year. Qin Yinan had promised he would accompany her, but he had ended up with Tang Nuan instead. Or more accurately, ever since her first contact with alcohol when she was eighteen, every time she had gotten blind drunk, it had been due to Qin Yinan but this time

The image of the aloof man that she saw through the whipping rain and car window suddenly materialized in her mind.