Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 420

Chapter 420: The Man Of Her Dreams Has Returned 3
Chapter 420: The Man of Her Dreams Has Returned (3)
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She felt like her heart had been struck by a million needles; the intense pain made her breath catch in her throat. She reached out to grab at the nearest bottle of bottle and threw it down her throat.

Song Qingchun finished almost the whole bottle of white wine before slamming it down heavily on the table. She raised her head to glance toward the stage. The lady was still performing the same song, 'We Have All Been Forgotten', but instead of singing, she was now dancing to the beat.

Her dancing ability was much better than her singing. Her seductive moves lit the venue up, and wolf-whistles kept on coming from the crowd.

The laughing and cheering of the people around her amplified Song Qingchun's loneliness and sadness. At the time, she still had the clarity of mind to realize that if she continued to drink, it could get dangerous for a girl like her who was there all alone, without aid However, despite her better judgement, she grabbed another bottle and continued drinking.

The sudden rush of wine made her cough. She bent over from coughing, and it was so violent that tears trickled out from her eyes.

No, I'm here to find happiness, to party! How can I be so useless and cry

Song Qingchun sat in her booth and mimicked the people around her; she forced herself to laugh, and a sad chuckle escaped from her lips. However, the more she laughed, the greater the desire to cry. The tears around the corner of her eyes glittered conspicuously, reflecting the strobing light at the club.

She raised her hand to wipe away her tears. She heard the chuckles that escaped her lips, and her tears continued to fall like a string of broken pearls.

This is horrible I managed to do this five years ago when I promised to be a stranger to him, so why couldn't I do it now?

When she was chased out of his home, she had consoled herself with the fact that time would heal everything. She would be downcast for at most a few weeks, and then she would be her old self again. However, it had been two months, and the memories hadn't dissipated; if anything, they were more real and pronounced than before.

The worst thing was, when she saw him on the street earlier, she didn't feel any resentment toward him within her; the only thing she felt was surprise and joy from meeting again after such a long period of separation.

When they wrote down the contract, she had expected this ending. In fact, she wished for it, so she had no reason to blame him. It was her own fault for wanting a different ending.

However, he was so cold like he had never been a part of her life at all, so cold that he wouldn't give her any more than that initial glance.

Song Qingchun finally lost control of her emotions. Her inhibitions were removed by the alcohol, and she collapsed on the table and started to wail.

The loud music smothered the sound of her crying; she couldn't even hear herself, which was probably for the best.

She was a picture of devastation, a complete contrast to the world of celebration and depravity around her.

Occasionally, people would pass her booth and glance at her. Most of them thought she was merely resting her head from drinking too much.

She wept for a very long time; it seemed like she was going to cry until the end of days. Many people passed her booth, there were men and women, but only a man in a black suit stopped before it.