Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 422

Chapter 422: The Man Of Her Dreams Has Returned 5
Chapter 422: The Man of Her Dreams Has Returned (5)
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Song Qingchun's fingers started to shake on top of the counter.

Her guess was correct; someone had induced a temporary memory lapse in her. Over the past two years, it was not that she hadn't had episodes where she had cried her heart out before, but there was no incident of memory loss. In fact, after she wiped away her tears, a number of times, she had been confused about why it had happened but now it had returned.

Whenever she cried, she did it in the privacy of her own room, but today, her emotions had gotten the better of her in a public situation. This was a perfect opportunity because if someone did appear no, someone had to have appeared because even the wound of her forehead had been cleaned.

Song Qingchun's heart slowed for a beat before she turned back around and stalked about to her booth.

She looked around her and asked the night-club goers in the booth to her left, "Did someone join me in this booth just now?"

The tableful of guests in various states of inebriation could barely slur out a coherent sentence much less understand her question. A girl smiled brightly at her, and a man shook his head at her, saying, "No, no date, my girlfriend is with me tonight!"

Well, I hope she finds out what a pig you are, cheater! Song Qingchun cursed him in her head and turned to the booth on the other side.

A middle-aged man nodded when he heard her question, adding, "Yes, someone was there before"

Then, he started to laugh. "Girl, you're funning. He even helped you wipe away your tears, and you came to ask me about him? How drunk are you?"

Song Qingchun's breath stopped. She stared at the man and pressed, "Then do you know where he went after that?"

"He's right there" The middle-aged man titled his bottle down a direction. Song Qingchun quickly turned toward it.

"You see there. The one in a black suit, the tall fella, the one squeezing through the dance floor"

The strobing lights in the club made it impossible for Song Qingchun to catch the man's face clearly. She only managed to get a profile. Before the middle-aged man could finish, she dropped a hasty "thank you" and ran with teetering steps onto the dance floor. She tried to make her way toward the man.

The dance floor was a mess of wiggling bodies. Song Qingchun could barely move forward one step before being shoved back another two steps. When she finally got to the spot where she thought the man was, the person had already disappeared. She stood where she was and started to look around. There were a million of unfamiliar faces; in fact, one of the foreign faces extended his hand toward her, asking her for a dance.

Song Qingchun rejected him with a slurred apology before wiggling her way to the stage. She used every ounce of energy in her body to haul herself on stage. The performance had long since finished, and the stage was occupied with even more people dancing. Song Qingchun stood up with much difficulty and finally spotted the back of the large black shadow on the right-hand side of the dance floor.

Perhaps it was her wishful thinking, or perhaps the flickering lights in the club had induced a hallucination in her, but she saw Su Zhinian's back overlapping on the individual.

After Song Qingchun recovered from her daze, she realized the person was walking toward the exit.

He's leaving?

It had taken her so much trouble to finally spot him again; she couldn't let him escape so easily. Song Qingchun jumped off the stage and squeezed her way toward the exit.