Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 423

Chapter 423: The Man Of Her Dreams Has Returned 6
Chapter 423: The Man of Her Dreams Has Returned (6)
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In her hurry to catch up, she knocked into many dancers. Each time she hastily apologized before squeezing her way forward. Those who were good-tempered ignored her and continued to dance, while others either cursed her under their breaths or yelled expletives at her.

Even though it was only a small distance, when Song Qingchun squeezed her way out of the dance floor, sweat covered her body. However, she didn't dare to rest. Without even taking a breath, she ran toward the elevator.

In the end, she was still one step too late; as she reached the elevator, the door was just closing.

However, Song Qingchun refused to give up. She took the stairs and ran down to the first floor. When she reached the lobby, the black shadow was exiting the nightclub's revolving door.

She picked up the pace, but her step faltered, and she sprained her ankle. The pain caused her to wheeze. She yanked her heels off her feet and chased the shadow out of the door.

Outside, the rain had stopped. There were pools of water on the road, reflecting the blinking lights of the various nightclubs.

Compared to the rowdy atmosphere inside, the night seemed exceptionally quiet. Other than the occasional car, the streets were deserted.

She was still one step too late couldn't catch up to him

She slowly raised her hand to rub the golden button dangling on her neck. Thankfully, she had at least come away with something that night. She had confirmed that she wasn't dreaming; her guardian angel did really exist.

She stood at the entrance for a long time before she placed her heels on the floor. She put them back on and walked back into the nightclub. Inside, the party was still going on.

Song Qingchun found her way back to her booth, and the first thing she did after she sat down was send a message to the 11 digits.

"You're at MIX, right? You know I was chasing after you, and that is why you have to leave in such a hurry, isn't it? Why wouldn't you let me see you in person?"

There was no reply.

Even though Song Qingchun had expected as much, she couldn't help but feel disappointed. Song Qingchun held the phone in her hand for a long time before reaching for the alcohol that was left on the table.

Once she began, she didn't stop; it reached a point where she couldn't tell what she was drinking anymore. It all went down her throat like pure water. Eventually, after multiple trips to the bathroom, she finished all the bottles on her table.

The different kinds of alcohol reacted violently with each other within her body. Her world was pulsating both from within and without; she felt heated, and there was a constant feeling that the ground under her feet was shifting.

She couldn't summon any energy in her body and slumped against the sofa. Her last remaining shred of consciousness prevented her from collapsing in public. She tried her best to not succumb to drowsiness, but in the end, her willpower was no match for the cocktail of alcohol in her system.

She had a wonderful dream. The black shadow had returned like an apparition walking out of a mist. He sat down beside her and removed his jacket to place it over her.

As he did so, she was shaken awake. She smiled dazzlingly at him, saying in a questioning tone, "You finally wish to come meet me?"

He didn't answer, and she slumbered back into her dream within a dream.

There was a silent bubble enclosing them, isolating them from the raucous world around them. There was an indescribable sense of completion and serenity about the picture that they made.