Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 424

Chapter 424: The Man Of Her Dreams Has Returned 7
Chapter 424: The Man of Her Dreams Has Returned (7)
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After a long moment of silence, she leaned in toward him. He felt it but didn't evade. She laid her head gently on his shoulder, and his whole body tensed. However, he didn't push her away.

After some time, his hand slowly reached over her back to settle gently on her waist. She wriggled about in his arms, trying to locate a more comfortable position to snuggle into, and it was then that she felt his hand on her waist tighten.

Her lips curved involuntarily into a smile. She pulled her eyelids slowly open, and a familiar, handsome profile revealed itself before her eyes. Her gaze softened, and the smile on her lips turned brighter.

"So, it is really you," she mumbled softly before closing her eyes and leaning closer into his arms, "Su Zhinian."

"Yes" An elegant voice drifted into her ears. "It is me."

She didn't say anything else as her hands reached for his shoulders. She wished vehemently that the dream would go on forever because the man had finally returned to her in her dream.

When Qin Yinan received Song Qingchun's message, he was working overtime at his company, dealing with an important proposal.

His brows furrowed when he saw her message. As he collected his stuff, he apologized to his colleague before rushing out of his company in a hurry. His company was close to MIX, and due to the lack of traffic at night, it only took him forty minutes to reach his destination.

MIX at 1 am was at its busiest; the place was crowded beyond belief. He didn't know where Song Qingchun was. He gave her a few calls, but none were picked up. He looked for her in the individual booths, and finally, he found her soundly asleep.

His face twisted upon noticing the table full of empty wine and beer bottles. Before he moved forward, he checked the state of her clothing; they didn't look disturb. He sighed in relief. Then he tapped lightly on her face, trying to rouse her, but it was to no avail; Song Qingchun was too far gone by then. He helped her collect her stuff and called the waiter over to clear the bill. Then, he carried her out of MIX.

The night was rather cold due to the earlier rain. Afraid that Song Qingchun might catch a cold, Qin Yinan took off his own coat to wrap it around Song Qingchun.

He didn't realize that, about five meters behind him, a girl in a tight, glittering outfit was staring at him and Song Qingchun.

She looked on as he placed Song Qingchun inside his car and leaned over to put the seatbelt on Song Qingchun. He found a blanket to cover Song Qingchun's body before hopping into the car that she had been driven in so many times before.

The car engine started but hadn't moved when someone called, "Tang Nuan? What are you doing standing there? Let's go party!"

"Okay, coming." Tang Nuan eventually moved her gaze away from the car that she was so familiar with to join her friend. However, she only took two steps before she turned around to look at the car, which was making a U-turn through the club's revolving glass door.

"Tang Nuan, why are you stopping again?"

Tang Nuan immediately turned around and apologized before rushing into the elevator.

Through the closing door, she saw the car drive away.

The car soon disappeared after it melted into the main road.

Not long after that, a shadow eventually walked out from behind a street lamp.