Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 425

Chapter 425: The Man Of Her Dreams Has Returned 8
Chapter 425: The Man of Her Dreams Has Returned (8)
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As he stepped out of the shadows, Su Zhinian's perfect face became increasingly noticeable. He didn't hurry to leave but stood quietly under the lonely street lamp. His gaze followed Qin Yinan's car until it disappeared into the traffic.

A light shower started to fall from the sky. It was not heavy; instead, it was small and loose like a woman's hair.

The rain wasn't heavy, but as he stood there, his dark hair eventually became wet and clung to his face.

Regardless, he still showed no intention of leaving. He had one of his hands in his pocket, and he stood there quietly, staring at the empty street as if he had all the time in the world to waste.

The rain started to fall in earnest. His presence that was clean, elegant, and cold was colored by the falling rain to gain a sense of melancholy. His white dress shirt was soaked, and the half-opaque fabric stuck to his skin.

Water droplets collected on his hair trailed down his perfect profile before falling to the floor. He didn't seem privy to what a sexy scene he was creating in the rain; he merely stood there, quietly staring at the empty streets.

He couldn't tell how he woke up. When he did, he had found himself at Yun Nan in spring.

Later, it was his secretary who had filled him in on all the happenings. His situation had been getting worse when he was seeking treatment in Beijing; he had been unconscious for more than half of the month. The group of expert doctors hired from around the world had not been able to do anything to save him.

Finally, running out of options, with Doctor Xia's personal recommendation, they had taken him to Yun Nan to seek the counsel of a senior practitioner of Chinese medicine. It was then that his condition had gradually improved.

His memory of his life at Yun Nan consisted of medicine, inspections, and medical examination

And, of course, memories of her.

He really didn't expect that he would have such a dramatic reunion with her on the side of a busy street on the first day he returned to Beijing. He didn't even have time to prepare for it.

When their eyes met for that one moment, in his heart, he had already pulled her deeply into his embrace, telling her the misery he had been subject to due to being forcibly taken away from her.

However, those were words only for his heart. They would never see the light of day. All he could give her was aloofness and distance.

His clear pair of dark eyes flashed with misery. His gaze became lost, and the hand that was stuck in his pocket clenched tightly into a fist, suppressing the pain that was raging through his heart.

When he signed the hundred-day contract with her, even without that accident, he had already prepared to make a clean break with her when the contract ended, because she was, for him, a dream that couldn't survive a day in reality.

In fact, when the knife plunged into his heart, a part of him had wished that it would be the death of him.

That way, he wouldn't have to wake up to a world where she wasn't around him anymore. He wouldn't feel pain from having separated from here; he wouldn't feel pain from having to fake a chilling presence around her; he wouldn't feel pain from his inability to love her.

Those hundred days were the most beautiful and selfish dream he had given himself.