Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 426

Chapter 426: The Man Of Her Dreams Has Returned 9
Chapter 426: The Man of Her Dreams Has Returned (9)
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Since it was nothing more than a dream, he had to eventually wake up from it no matter the amount of pain that it costed them both.

Therefore, he had returned to his role as a guardian angel. He would appear whenever she needed him, and she would never know he was there for her. Just like tonight, he had been worried when she ventured into the nightclub. He had followed her but didn't show himself.

Even though the music was booming and the crowd was noisy, all he heard was the sound of her crying.

He knew his appearance would lead to many complications, but he couldn't help himself.

In the haze of her alcohol-addled mind, she thought he was a part of her dream. When she leaned into her, the rational part of his mind told him to lean away, but his heart made him reach out to hug her instead. He allowed himself to materialize in her 'dream'. it was not until Qin Yinan showed himself that he disappeared back into her shadows.

His body was still recovering from the grievous wound. The rain soaked his bandage and caused his chest to radiate pain.

He knew he should have gone home to rest, but he couldn't pull himself away from looking in the direction she had disappeared to.

No one knew how many times he had done this, standing alone in the dark to look after her, ever since he had discovered the secret five years ago.

Song Qingchun woke up the next morning with a tremendous headache. She couldn't avoid the fate of being lectured severely by Song Menghwa.

When Song Cheng was still around, she could rely on him to spring her out, but now that he was gone, she was helpless. Her sister-in-law, Fang Rou, didn't dare openly defy Song Menghwa, and so, Song Qingchun was subjected to her father's endless scolding until her savior arrived in the form of Qin Yinan.

It was a weekend, so Qin Yinan came over to check up on Song Qingchun. Before he entered the door, Fang Rou sought him out quietly and told him in a whisper that Song Qingchun was in the middle of being heavily reproached by Song Menghwa.

When they were children, it had not been uncommon for Qin Yinan to save Song Qingchun's from Song Menghwa's lectures, so after he greeted Song Menghwa, he cleverly turned to Song Qingchun and said, "Didn't you say you wanted me to accompany you to go window-shopping today?"

Song Qingchun, in her hangover, was slow to catch up to Qin Yinan's intention. She turned to him with befuddlement in her eyes and replied, "What?"

Song Menghwa chided her angrily, "What do you mean, what? Quickly go get ready, how long are you going to make Yinan wait"

Song Qingchun pouted and retreated to her room to change.

When she came down, Song Menghwa personally sent them off. Before they left, Song Menghwa scanned Qin Yinan up and down and nodded with satisfaction several times.

Song Qingchun felt chills rise all over her body when she noticed her father's action. Her instincts told her, her father was brewing some scheme in his mind, and it definitely wouldn't be beneficial to her. However, her instincts didn't tell her what kind of scheme it would be.

Song Qingchun's instincts were right; Song Menghwa was indeed cooking up some scheme, but it couldn't be said that it would be harmful to Song Qingchun.

When Qin Yinan had returned with Song Qingchun the previous night, the maids and Fang Rou had already been asleep. He had come downstairs to take a glass of water and just so happened to see how careful and loving Qin Yinan was when he was taking care of Song Qingchun.

Staring at that scene, he had suddenly realized how foolish he was. He had been searching high and low for someone to take care of Song Qingchun, so how could he have forgotten there was a perfect candidate right before his eyes?