Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 427

Chapter 427: The Man Of Her Dreams Has Returned 10
Chapter 427: The Man of Her Dreams Has Returned (10)
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The more Song Menghwa considered it, the more he felt like Qin Yinan was a good man whom he could entrust Song Qingchun to.

In fact, when he sent Song Qingchun and Qin Yinan smilingly away, he turned to ask the old butler, "What is your impression of Yinan?"

"Young Master Qin is a good-tempered, patient, and overall, a good man," the butler answered. Song Menghwa nodded in agreement, and the smile on his face grew bigger.

The butler had once been Song Menghwa's personal assistant. When Song Menghwa handed the company over to Song Cheng, he too had retired alongside his immediate boss. After years of serving Song Menghwa, he was incredibly familiar with the man's thoughts. He also smiled when he saw the bright smile on Song Menghwa's face. After a moment, he whispered, "Old Sir, is it fair for me to believe that you intend to marry the Young Miss to Young Mass Qin?"

"I really cannot hide anything from you, can I?" Song Menghwa laughed before asking, "Do you think it's a good match?"

"Of course, Young Miss and Young Master Qin are meant for each other if you ask my humble opinion," the butler answered.

Song Menghwa also thought the same way. He laughed heartily before shaking his head and sighing. "Alas, this is not something that I can decide on their behalf. That girl, Qingchun, doesn't seem like she wants to settle down anytime soon."

"Actually, Young Miss is still young, so Old Sir needn't worry yet."

Song Menghwa heard that, and his emotions dropped. "How can I not worry? Ah Cheng is already not with us; I'm really afraid for her. Thinking about the incident that happened two months ago now still makes me shiver."

Song Menghwa sighed and added, "Even now, the mastermind who planned the whole thing is still out there. I'm too old to be able to protect her. If I knew such a tragic fate would come to her if she was brought into the Song family, I wouldn't have carried her home then. Truly, this is all my fault."

"Old Sir?" The butler suddenly raised his voice to interrupt Song Menghwa. "Didn't we say we wouldn't bring this up anymore? The Young Miss is a child of the Song family; we have maintained that status quo for over twenty years. What if someone overheard what you said and relayed it to Young Miss?"

Song Menghwa chuckled with embarrassment before signaling his trusty confidant to help him go back into the house. "This old brain is not working so well anymore."

The car accident on the road became something insignificant, or at least, that was how the parties involved wanted it to be; it didn't cause much of a ripple in the relationship between Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian.

The days went by, and the temperature in the city gradually rose. After that incident, Song Qingchun didn't stumble across Su Zhinian anymore.

Occasionally, when she woke up from her temporary break at her work table and looked out at the shiny sun, she would wonder if she had dreamed the whole incident in her mind.

Even though she didn't see Su Zhinian in person anymore, she would still receive constant news about him.

Su Zhinian's company's stock price when through the roof. The company's latest product line sold several million units. Su Zhinian bid with 8 digits for a painting at a charity auction.

That kind of news would circulate her workplace even before she found him to take over Song Empire. However, at the time, she would simply turn her nose down at them and walk away as if reluctant to hear another word about him.

However, whenever his news appeared now, be it good or bad, she would stand still and finish listening to it quietly.