Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 428

Chapter 428: The Wrong Message 1
Chapter 428: The Wrong Message (1)
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If it was good news, she would smile involuntarily, and if it was bad news, she would frown. Sometimes, there would be people beside her who would ask, "What's wrong?'

She would smile and reply, "Nothing."

Then, she would walk away alone or continue chatting with her friends. No one knew that, whenever that happened, she too would ask herself, What's wrong with me?

Eventually, Song Qingchun did meet Su Zhinian, even though it was just a short meeting.

That day, she was very busy at work; she had a long morning and merely had time to grab a bun for lunch before she had to rush to a golfing event with her assistant to interview a celebrity who had just returned from receiving a film award overseas.

The weather that day was nice, and the air stood still; there wasn't even a breath of wind.

When she arrived, her interviewee just so happened to arrive as well. Since they were both available, the interview started ten minutes earlier than scheduled and finished twenty-five minutes earlier than she had predicted. Since there was still some free time left, Song Qingchun petitioned the celebrity to shoot a small video for TW Station, just a small greeting for the viewers.

Even though the film star had received many awards over the years, he was not full of himself in anyway. When he heard Song Qingchun's suggestion, he agreed readily. He changed into a golf outfit to match the venue and patiently shot some short videos for Song Qingchun.

After that, Song Qingchun bade farewell to the kind film star. When she and her assistant were heading to the carpark through the field, a golf ball landed suddenly beside her feet.

Song Qingchun jumped slightly from shock and was about to bend over to pick up the golf ball when someone called her name. "Song Qingchun?"

She raised her head in confusion and saw Tang Nuo in a black golf outfit, holding a golf club, standing about two meters away from her.

"So, it is really you." Tang Nuo took slow steps toward her. As he grabbed the towel around his neck to wipe the sweat on his forehead, he added, "This is such a coincidence."

"Indeed." Song Qingchun smiled and waved the golf ball in her hand, asking, "Is this yours?"

"Yes, thank you," Tang Nuo answered, and as if afraid Song Qingchun might think he was a horrible golfer, he quickly added, "I was playing with it just now and happened to knock it out of the park when I realized we weren't playing baseball."

Song Qingchun chuckled politely at the lame joke and passed the ball back to Tang Nuo. It was then that she heard the familiar cold voice say, "Found the ball yet?"

Song Qingchun's fingers trembled, and the ball almost slipped from her grasp. She stood her ground and slowly placed the ball in Tang Nuo's hands before turning to the voice.

It was daytime, so she had a clearer look this time.

He was in a similar outfit to Tang Nuo's, but his was white. He wasn't holding anything in his hands, which were both leisurely placed in his pockets. A hat sat casually on top of his head.

Out of his usual suit and tie, he looked much younger. However, his usual expressionless face was still present. Under the rays of the sun, his fairly white skin looked like an unblemished white jade.

He seemed to have lost some weight since the last time she saw him, which was before she had been chased out of his house. His jawline had gotten sharper, but that only added more to his charming allure.