Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 429

Chapter 429: The Wrong Message 2
Chapter 429: The Wrong Message (2)
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Tang Nuo spun the ball in his palm twice before turning to answer Su Zhinian. "Found it, not only that, I've found a familiar face."

Then, Tang Nuo titled his chin at Song Qingchun. Su Zhinian then moved his gaze from Tang Nuo to Song Qingchun.

When Song Qingchun saw him do that, she instinctively swallowed a deep gulp and clenched her hands into fists.

When his gaze fell on the top of her head, her heartbeat seemed to skip for a moment before she hurriedly lowered her eyelids. After three seconds, she opened them again to meet his gaze.

A few days ago, it had been night-time, and he had been inside a car while she was outside, so she couldn't get a good look at him. However, this time, everything was clear before her eyes.

There were no emotions at the bottom of his eyes; they were filled with such disinterest that Song Qingchun felt like he was looking at a stranger.

Does he use a similar way to look me inside the car last time?

Song Qingchun felt something akin to pain starting to climb out of her heart. If this was before the hundred-day contract, she would have greeted him easily should they meet in such a circumstance, but now, Song Qingchun was at a loss, or rather, she was afraid, afraid that he would ignore her completely even if she opened her lips to talk to him.

She didn't say a word, and he didn't add anything to the conversation either, causing the atmosphere to turn awkward with tension.

Song Qingchun's assistant stood to the side with complete befuddlement; her gaze darted around before settling on Tang Nuo.

Tang Nuo was as confused as Song Qingchun's assistant. Song Qingchun has already moved into his house, so why are they so frigid with each other? A lover's quarrel?

Tang Nuo tried to smooth over the awkwardness by smiling at Song Qingchun and said, "Qingchun, do you want to join our game?"

Song Qingchun didn't answer but took a look at Tang Nuo then at Su Zhinian. Before she could say anything, Su Zhinian moved his gaze away from her and told Tang Nuo, "I'm leaving."

He seemed afraid that Song Qingchun might really say yes.

Then, he turned and left.

In fact, Song Qingchun wanted to shake her head and reject, but she didn't realize Su Zhinian wouldn't even give her the opportunity do that.

The words that had reached her words eventually were stuck there; she was caught in such an awkward situation that she didn't know how to proceed without making a total fool of herself.

Tang Nuo knew Su Zhinian loved Song Qingchun, and many times, he had tried to be the matchmaker. However, every time, Su Zhinian would only ignore him with a silent stare. But this was the first time that his attempt at matchmaking had backfired so badly in his face. He just wanted to help, but how come it seemed like he had made it worse?

Tang Nuo raised his hand to scratch his nose and tossed Song Qingchun an ashamed and apologetic smile. "That"

Tang Nuo only said one word before stopping himself because he couldn't figure out a word of consolation that wouldn't sound hurtful while being sincere.

Thankfully, Song Qingchun quickly rearranged her emotions and shook her head understandingly at Tang Nuo, adding, "I still have something to do, so I'll be leaving too."

This was the salvation Tang Nuo needed to assuage the anxiety and embarrassment he was feeling inside, so he accepted the kindness Song Qingchun extended readily and played along. "Okay, I will compensate this with a meal next time."

Song Qingchun smiled but didn't comment on the invitation; she merely said goodbye before leaving with her assistant.